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  1. Midibox by Andymann

    yeah the faders..... :P these are one of the 2 mistakes i made when building the box. the faders are the cheap-o's from (order nr. 240 116, 0.25€ each) and they really suck. at the outer points they are quite hard to move and some even get stuck, around the center the feeling is rather ok, but there is lots of flicker, especially at the crossfader. every fader has a different feeling....i had 2 old crossfaders from a pioneer djm600 lying around here and didn't use them which makes it even worse from the constructor's point of view...maybe this will be a sensible expansion for the remaining inputs.. the faders turned out to be not that ergonomic/useful/necessary but when i did the design i wanted to have something like a mixing desk. after all this can be used rather well for any sorts of music software since everything's (more or less) designed the same way...from ableton live to propellerhead's reason (somehow). thanks for appreciating my site, put a lot of work into it... the english flag only takes you to places where i had the time to translate the content. try -for example- the 'network something''s great, too!  ;)
  2. Midibox by Andymann

    Hi everybody, first of all the obligatory... !!great work thorsten, many thanks for this beautiful piece of ....thing!! This is my Box which is based on the Midibox64. It was finished already about two ears ago but I never had the time (nor a proper use for it...built it just out of curiousity) to put it online. Right now it is supporting my dj desk as a control interface for the 'torq' software. (Loop Points, key-correction, cue markers.....) I added an 'expansion-port' at the backside because i only used 32 a/d inputs. now whenever i might need more i can easily add 32 more of each via an easy-to-build adapter. more pictures about the process of building and all my other projects as well can be found on my website (partly bilingual, most still in german only...) best regards! andy
  3. 2 computers via midi

    thanks very much man :) i wonder why i didn't come across it before. maybe because 'midiclock' is way too obvious... best regards andy
  4. 2 computers via midi

    thanks for your replies.... :) so just to be sure. in my example the midiclock could come from 'out a' of the master and lead to 'in a' on the slave. 'in b' on both machines could be a keyboard or anything right? (should be...thought about it all night...) btw: reason just cannot be used as a master clock generator without rewiring etc....(found out later that night). i guess that due to the fact that there is galvanic seperation (optocoupplers) i don't really have to worry about equalising current between the two machines..right?
  5. 2 computers via midi

    okay..first post...biggest fear to ask stupid questions but please believe, i tried my best to find a hint before via forum search /goolge...(but failed miserably :P)... okay this is the situation: two pc's, both running 'reason' (as an example). both have an usb midi-interface (midisport 2x2) with at least 1 keyboard attached. is there a possible way to connect those pcs two use one common clock signal? are there any easy-to-draw connection diagrams? is there a way to kill your hardware if doing wrong? thanks in advance andy