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  1. 3D model of my controller

    Thanks! I got the pages including pictures, really helpfull! The way he made the buttons is nice too. Maybe i will make my buttons in the same way because sparkfun buttons are pretty expensive... edit: is it ok to put this page in the wiki? i didn't wrote it but i think it's a great resource...
  2. 3D model of my controller

    :'( Unfortunatly i don't get a search result when i use that url as a search criteria for google...
  3. 3D model of my controller

    well, for the backlit buttons, i will just order them from sparkfun. But making them velocity sensitve is maybe a little too much... I was looking at this URL and i noticed that the link to the documentation is dead...  :'( His documentation about RGB Leds could be pretty helpfull i think.
  4. 3D model of my controller

    Yes, i was thinking about that... If i could make the pads velocity sensitive i could even use it as a trigger for my drumsamples... But i need to do a little research on that
  5. RGB LED rings?

    I opened a new topic with a first design i made for my midibox...
  6. 3D model of my controller

    Hello, For a while i'm planning on making a midibox to control the mixing of my FLStudio. I thought long about how it would be the most efficient for my workflow and i made a first design, the attachment is a little sketch of my idea, i need to make it more detailed but this is just to get the idea. I want to control 16 channels at a time, and be able to route channel 1-8 to 8-16. So i thought some sort of routing matrix using the buttons from sparkfun would be pretty cool... Any thoughts on this? I'm now going to inventarise what i exactly need to control and then i am going to make a parts list...
  7. RGB LED rings?

    I already thought so, couldn't find them anywhere, is there a tutorial or something on how to build normal led rings? I have good programming skill and a little soldering skill so i think i will be able to change a design for normal leds into one suitable for rgb leds. One color smd leds? Isn't it possible to use RGB smd leds too? i think a saw them somewhere for sale.
  8. RGB LED rings?

    Hello, I am currently building a design for a midibox and i would seem nice to have rgb LED rings and make it fading from one color to another if you turn it up. Anyone ever done something like this or knows a source to buy RGB LED rings?
  9. I came across these cool buttons while surfing around, will these work with a midibox? And will i be able to use the RGB LEDS?
  10. midibox idea

    If i now look at it i think i will have to use: mixer settings 1 lcd display (for the the track titles) 9 motorfaders (8 channels, and i like to have a seperate master channel which is always available) 32 buttons (mute, solo, select, and record for every channel) 16 led's (8 led's to display whether a channel is muted or not, and 8 leds to display which track is currently recorded) 8 buttons (to select the bank for the channels) 8 rotary encoders with led ring (for the routing of each channel) 2 buttons (to scroll through the channels) 1 lcd display (to display the channel which the current channel is routed to) channel settings (should tweak the settings of the selected channel) 2 rotary encoders with led ring (pan and stereo seperation) 3 rotary encoders with led ring (equalizer) 2 buttons (scroll through eq bands) 1 lcd (to display the frequency of the currently selected eq band) 2 buttons (swap left & right, inverse phase) that makes a total of 3 lcd displays 9 motorfaders 16 leds 46 buttons 13 rotary encoders with led ring well i will take a look around to see what this amount of parts will cost me, and what type of midibox i should go with, any advice is welcome...
  11. midibox idea

    Ok well, if i think a little more outside the square ;) i could go for 8 encoders that are linked to the same bank selector as the one for the motor faders, but i will need 2 buttons (back forward) and a display for the channel name for every encoder to select the track i'm routing the current track to. that way i only need 8 encoders, 16 buttons and 8 displays, if that many displays is impossible i could use one large display too. I liked the idea of a matrix, but you're probally right about the amount of cost and time it will take...
  12. midibox idea

    I want to create a matrix, 8x8, that's 8 channels to 8 channels, if i make it in seperate banks of 8, i can only route 1 channel to 8 channels or vice versa at the same time, and i still will have to record the routing in seperate takes, and that's what i don't want... for instance i want to be able to send a snare to a reverb, then that reverb to a phaser and that phaser to a delay, then the hihat to the delay and the delay back to the phaser, and all at the same time. I use 16 different effects in one track and 16 inserts for instruments so i'd rather have 16x16 but i don't wanna spend that much money and time... And for the programming skill, i have a little skill in C/C++ and i have a lot of skill in PHP. If it's only about altering existing scripts that wouldn't be a problem, if i should program something from scratch it would take a little longer but i know some people that know C/C++ a lot better than me. I was thinking there was something wrong, all i found when searching for oleds was ultra flat computer screens and tv's. So pled's it is. I will post a drawing of the design i had in mind later this week. Greetings
  13. midibox idea

    Yeah they look nice too, but i can only find vfd and oleds in sizes of 2x20 or smaller, i need something that can display 64 values at the same time. the nicest thing for the design would be 64 seperate 3 digit displays for every encoder, but it looks to me that's nearly impossible to build...
  14. midibox idea

    yes that's a nice idea, but... If i make a 8x8 matrix i am saving parts space and soldering, the FLStudio mixer has 64 tracks, so if i want all tracks at once i need 64x64... wel actually i never use that many tracks at once, most of the time i use 16, and if i downsize that to a value of controllers i want to be able to use at the same time i get to 8x8. So that's really the minimum, i create a lot of dub music and i have many different effects on different channels and i constantly play with the routing from the instruments to the effects and the effects to each other and i'm tired of drawing that process in the event editor or recording it once at a time... i wanted to use encoders with push function and that a led is turned on and the track's routing is enabled when i push the encoder. But if i open a certain track, and i see that a rotary encoder is active i first have to turn it to read it's value. Is there a way i can see the 64 values the same time on one lcd? One more question ;) Could i use a vacuum fluorescent display instead of a lcd display, i like the looks of those... Thanks for all the help so far!
  15. midibox idea

    I was thinking about motor faders, but i had another idea to make it more complete, i want to make an 8 channel controller instead of 16, and add a 8x8 routing matrix. that means i need 64 rotary encoders... Would that be really expensive? i know that the led rings are a few dollars, is there a cheaper solution for this? rotary encoders need a push function too...