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  1. Hi all, In which file of the Mackie Emulation software can I change the definitions, which button of the din board goes to which command? regards Dietmar
  2. How many faders for midibox lc

    I know! I mean, how much boxes can I use? ;D
  3. Hi all, What is the maximum of faders (chanels ) that you can use for the midibox lc? regards, Dietmar
  4. Hi all,  8) For everyone who wants to modify his tascam us2400 controller with a display and meter section + shortkeys bar. Here is the right documentation for you. Best regards, Dietmar
  5. Hi all, I've built a hardware display and meter unit for my TascamUS2400 controller. I'm using Midi Ox to split the Midi out of the Mackie Control in nuendo to the US2400 and the core modules . My problem is that if I start Nuendo with the US2400 and play a song the prozessor needs 33% power, if I play the same song together with Midi Ox the prozessor needs 93% power. That means that Midi Ox needs 60% of  the prozessor power. So I get a lot of audio spikes and latenz problems. Any idea? I use a P4 1,8Ghz ; 1Gb Ram; XP; Nuendo3.0; Fireface 800
  6. Help needed with Midibox LC

    My Tascam Controller has just USB input and no Midi port!
  7. Help needed with Midibox LC

    I'will post it in, but it will take some time because I've to fight with many problems by splitting the output signals of with midi ox. Dietmar
  8. Help needed with Midibox LC

    Yes, you are right. I will try it. Thanks
  9. Help needed with Midibox LC

    Does anyone know a software like midi ox who can split a virtual midiport( midi yoke) to two midi ports? Because midi ox does not work correct with the core module.
  10. Help needed with Midibox LC

    I've already tried it, it doesn't work. But I found out that when I route with midi OX just the displays, start nuendo, and rote the mixer after the startup, than the displays work. But this solution makes the startup of Nuendo very complicate.
  11. Help needed with Midibox LC

    Hi, I’m working on  24 channel LCD displays for my tascam US2400 controller. I’ve build 3 CoreModules with two LCDs for each. I’m using Nuendo and for the first LCD test I’ve routed the Midi Out of the three Mackie Controls from the tascam controller to the CoreModules and this worked perfect but I had no response to the tascam controller anymore.  So I’ve installed Midi OX and Midi yoke and routed the midi out from the three mackie controls in nuendo to midi OX and split the midi out to the tascam controller and to the core modules. The US2400 controller and the display on Mackie control port1 are working fine but the CoreModules on Mackie control 2 and 3 are not working any more and I’ve no idea why. It seems to be a problem with the midi OX but I’ve the same routing settings for all three midi ports in Midi OX. I also get strange signs on the display of Mackie Port one when I start nuendo but when I change the pan value I get the right display.  Has anyone an idea? I'm not using the midi out for the CoreModules because I'm just using the displays at the core module and no buttons. Regards,  Dietmar
  12. Problem with Core Oscilator

    I've burned the LC emulation for mackie control and nothing else. Do I need the bootstrap loader? I thought that the LC emulation is a complete softwarepackage and it don't need anything else. I'm testing the core module in a Lab, but I don't have a PC with midi interface here, so I burned the software via PIC programmer.
  13. Hi all, I'm working on a midibox LC. My problem is the Core module. I've loaded the Mackie emulation program to the PIC with a pic programmer but I can't get the 10Mhz Oscilator working. All voltages at the PIC are correct. What can I do? regards Dietmar