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  1. PIC To LPC communication

    TK, Pulling up RA4 solved the hang up problem. But than i getting a lot of random not midi like data in midi studio. I've changed the UART settings to: MIOS32_UART_BaudrateSet(0, 38400); know I've got normal midi transfers. pot's are working, but a lot of sjitter. but this can be a power supply issue. I check Thad out a soon as possible. But my touch sensors won't work. non of them. But i don't have anny pulse train on J14 I'm using Midibox64 project. Anny thoughts about Thad? Greetings Gert
  2. PIC To LPC communication

    TK, I don't really know whats happening in the PIC, I know the pic works in an older midibox (using pre-made pcb's from SmashTV). This is on my own pcb, i dubbel checked every connection. I only can see if the pic is alive by meassuring the the clock or LD signals on the 74hc165. The first 10 seconds I've get puls trains after thad it just stops. I test the transfers before and after its "crash", The settings I've made in the LPC are correct? Do I have to test UART0 or UART1 in my recieve midi package function? It's kind of confusing when reading the MIOS32_MIDI functions.... I've made the midi connection to port p2.0 & p2.1 Thanks Greeting Gert
  3. PIC To LPC communication

    Hi All, I'm working on a big project with a LPC core controlling several LCD's Buttons,Led's. LPC17 core's can't control touch sensors so I have a PIC 18F in slave. I've connected Tx(25) pin from the PIC to J11 MI1 P2.1 from the LPC. I've made a copy from a pic (Old MIDIBox64 Project but still running 100% OK) with the PIC burner The Midibox64 project has been configured for the MIDIbox - to - com link. In the extern "C" void APP_Init(void) I've set these lines: MIOS32_UART_BaudrateSet(1, 38400); MIOS32_MIDI_Init(0); But nothing works, On midistudio I get an debug message from the midi receive handler(LPC) ==> Timeout on port 0x20 I don't know what I'm doing wrong.. Also when i measure with a scope on pin 1 from the 74hc165 from the first touch sensors. i've get pulses for the first 5 a 10 seconds after thad noting. Ive tested the pic in the old Midibox 64 project and thad works fine. I'm stuck, Anybody an Idea? Thx Gert
  4. Multiple LCDs

    Found my point to the right direction.... Enable line is a select line and a kind of a clock line. So, clamping it to ground or vss wouldn't do the trick. A multiplexer is answer to my question i guess. To-morrow i will test it with a 1 to 8 multiplexer. Greetings Gert
  5. Multiple LCDs

    Still got a problem, The first LCD works perfect, but whene i connect the Enable line to 1 of the J10 pins. the LCD does nothing... Does not init at startup. At initialisation off te application, I set all J10 pint as output open drain. Even whene i don't connect the E line to annything (pull up connected) the LCD won't init at start up. (E line should be high) Am I missing something? At de datasheet for the LCD, the E line is a puls train. Right now i dano't have a scope with me to check what the E line off J15A/J15B does. But i thought, whenever you wonna write to a LCD, the E pin off thad LCD was just high(+5V) the entire time. Can someone point me in the right direction? Greetings Gert
  6. Multiple LCDs

    Thx nILS Thx TK........ :wink:
  7. Multiple LCDs

    Ah, Okeey TK, for now i wil just put all J10 outputs in open drain mode, and use external pull-up to 5v. I think all E lines are anabled at start up, so all displays wil get the same correct initialisation. Correct? and after init, i just set/reset the correct J10 pin before any Lcd_print command I'm still a bit confused with the following tutorial: u8 pin = (midi_package.note - MIDI_STARTNOTE) & 0x7f; // turn on LED MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet(pin, 1); What does the "& 0x7f" ??? Maybe silly question... But Isn't it, if I set: MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet( 0 , 1 ); Thad the first LED will light up? Greetings Gert ps: TK do you mind giving me access to the programmer lounge. maybe i can do there some good idea's.
  8. Multiple LCDs

    Hi All After reading reading reading I've started a new midiBox project. I already own a midiBox128 and a midiBox64 project for controlling lighting software. But now I've started a LPC17 project to replace the old 1 with 8+ LCD's. Everything is running, code for Din & Dout is ready. For now I'm testing with 1 LCD but the plan is to have 8 or more LCD running under Mios32. I can't find where i can modify the lcd_device_set code I would like to have it like this: LCD_1 E-pin ---> I take from J15A LCD_2 E-pin ---> I take from J15B LCD_3 E-pin ---> I would like to have on J10.D0 LCD_4 E-pin ---> I would like to have on J10.D1 and so on.... Where do i modify this? I should think in Mios32_Board? But I can't find it. Can someone point me in de right direction? Ps Big thx again to TK and his team for this wonderful new project. Greetings Gert
  9. MidiBox 64 + Midibox 128

    Me Back again! Ive been Reading, reading, reading...... But still no idea how i can modify MB64e or MB64 to reconize 128 buttons but still have te opportunity to do this with different banks... Annybody an idee??????? Greetings Gert ps I'l post some pic's soon of the cores with the dins and ains.....
  10. MidiBox 64 + Midibox 128

    Hi Goldie_pl Yes!! ;) Now it works :-*, Reinstalled Perl on de default dir "C:" and now i can execute the script! Thank You Verry Much ;D :D Anybody a idee, about modifying MB64 to reconize 128 DIN's and stil have the Bank possibility? Or may i better use MB64e:? Greeting Gert
  11. MidiBox 64 + Midibox 128

    Hi Tk, Thx for the quick reply! The Perl virsion = Is MB64 easy to modify to be enable to reconize 128 DIN's? I only need 192 DIN's and 64 AIN's I have 2 cores, 6 DIN's, 2AIN's & LTC module It would be great if i can add 4 more banks/desk's to it so i can control 768 Digital parameters! Greetings Gert
  12. MidiBox 64 + Midibox 128

    Hi guy's Still buzzy on my midi box! Ill drop some pic's soon but i have still some questions 1) Can I use a bankstick with MidiBox 128?? 2) When i wonna connect a Midibox 64 & a midibox 128 to an LTC module i have to use the MidiBox Link! But where can i adjust this in de assamber files? 3) i Still can't convert a ini file to a sysex file i follow al the instructions but i always get an error: What am i doing wrong? 4) When i'm using different banks i can assign the same button to different Midi notes. Am I correct?? Greetings Gert
  13. Touch sensor failes

    Hey Thx for the nice demo ;D I don't call that slow much faster than the QT160 with a 10MHz cristal I wil search for it Thx Gert
  14. Touch sensor failes

    Hi tactile switches arent fast enough! I'm an Lj but i don't use the internal chasers of the software for shutting the lamps i always do it manually! becaus its more acurate! So i switch every 1/4 of a beat in song from switch i know it sounds stupid and manny Lj don't do it this way but they rely on the internal chasers the flashes of a strobe have to be done manually to be acurate Grtzz Gert In the club i work we use this table: Its works verry fast for live sets!!
  15. Touch sensor failes

    Ellows I know, next time i buy such an expensive Ic i furst fully read all the specs! What did you pay for the QT113 I payed 11€/IC so fot the 2: 22€ Grtzz Gert