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  1. MIDIO128 + optical module

    Has anyone experience of wiring optical modules such as the trct5000 into a MIDIO128?
  2. Strange midi events and note on/off

    Hi Thorsten, Thanks for your insight and the warning. The boards are from SmashTV and I think they are the latest, but I'll check before going down that path. What's interesting about the problem is that I think I am seeing the same symptoms through two different modules that are chained together through midi-in/out. I'm going to do so experimentation tonight along the lines you suggest to try and isolate the issue. Thanks again, James
  3. Strange midi events and note on/off

    Further to this - will reinstalling midios remove all applications/patches I have installed to a core?
  4. I am using chained midiboxes with PIC cores running midio128. They were working fine although I have been tinkering with configuration and per_se's patch that enables me to add potentiometers to one of the cores on J5. However I'm getting strange behaviour with the symptoms being stuck notes. When I look at the input through mios studio I am seeing a lots of f9 events with no further parameters, I am also seeing some of the notes producing none on/off parameters in short bursts which I think may be causing the stuck notes. Any ideas on what might be going on? I have reinstalled midio128 again without any improvement. How do I go about reformatting the core (without losing its id) so that I can effectively start from scratch? I originally did this six years ago when I first built the cores and can't remember the exact process. Thanks, James
  5. AIN

    That helps a lot - I think I will give this a go. Many thanks for your detailed response. James
  6. AIN

    Most of my midibox consists of din/douts. I also have a requirement for 3 pots and have a (PIC based) core and a din module (chained to the other modules which are all running midio128). A couple of questions: 1) What is the best software to use on the core for this purpose - midibox64? I like the configuration for midio128 from MIOS studio, is anything similar available that will allow me to configure the core associated with the ain? 2) Given that I only require 3 pots would it make sense to remove 3 of the 4051 chips to avoid having to ground all these unused inputs? If so can I remove any 3 or should it be IC2 - IC4? Thanks, James
  7. I'm building an organ console which will contain inside a couple of wall warts powering midibox and two LCD monitors. I'd like to make the whole thing self contained by having a single C14 inlet connected to an internally mounted 4 way block via a on/off switch. Fairly simple wiring but given the high voltage here I'd like to do it carefully and properly. Assuming that I am soldering the connections, what is the best approach to make sure all the soldered connections are well insulated? Should I use use heat sink tubing? Thanks, James
  8. Here is a (unfortunately poor quality) photo to illustrate the size differential: Thoughts? James
  9. Hello, I am in the process of midifying my church organ. I've wired the organ using the following type of cable: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-10M-40-WAY-Flat-Color-Rainbow-Ribbon-Cable-wire-Z-/150526530670?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item230c14946e Expecting that I'll be able to crimp IDC headers to the ends which will then plug into the DIN/DOUT. When I did this I noticed I was getting the same note played on different keys. Further investigations uncovered that the ribbon is slightly smaller than conventional cable (I did a side by side comparison with regular grey cable) and the crimped header was misaligned with the wires and therefore shorting some of them. As you can imagine after wiring 250+ switches I am a little annoyed that I cannot connect the cable to the midibox, Does the cable linked above conform to a different IDC standard? If so where can I find headers that for that? Many thanks, James
  10. Hello All, I hope that I've got the right forum.  I'm interested in building small remote controlled devices that would allow me to raise and lower my hard to reach roller blinds using a remote control (Harmony).  I guess this would be a battery operated motor with an IR receiver.  Does anyone know where I might find tried and tested designs for such a device.  I'd be also interested to hear of any off the shelf solutions (suprisingly a search on ebay brought up nothing) Thanks, James
  11. Anybody want Brand New Cybikos? First batch all gone

    Thanks again for these TheProf. I'm interested to hear what people are using these for?  How realistic would it be to use these for wireless midi transmission into something like a DIN? James
  12. MIDIfying Conn 642, some help please!

    Many thanks Per S and stryd_one.  I will investigate further! James
  13. MIDIfying Conn 642, some help please!

    I did search before I posted, and looked briefly at the core schematics/specification on ucapps.  I couldn't see anything about the core being able to support analog inputs directly without the need for an AIN module? James
  14. MIDIfying Conn 642, some help please!

    Hi Per S, I didn't realise that 8 analog inputs can be hooked up directly to the core.  Could you point me in the direction of instructions on how to do this and how to modify MIDIO128 to accomodate? Many thanks, James
  15. Replacing potentiometers in swell shoes

    Thanks guys, I get a set of small allen keys and see if they fit.  I certainly hope - and doubt - that it is a spot weld. James