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  1. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Oh. Sorry. I've not much time at the moment. I didn't calculate everything now. Give me some days to do it :)
  2. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Finished. Still have some single wires I've to solder by hand. The connectors are wrong in my 3D animation. Sorry for that. Didn't find the correct ones.
  3. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    I just want to thank the inventor of caffeine :) 7 wires left. I hope I can get them on the PCB... Stay tuned for the next status update *smile*
  4. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    pin 1+2 is one resistor, 3+4 the next one :)
  5. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    I don't think so. Because I've still 5-10 connections I can't solve. So I've to mount some isolated wires :(
  6. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Still some connections missing, but nearly 90% done...
  7. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Yes I know. Without that feature I think it would be impossible :)
  8. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    julienvoirin inspired me to do a full PCB with all the shift registers and other stuff. If I can do it the way I want to do, I just have to connect 1 ribbon cable to my core, 1 from this full PCB to the meters, 1 to the touch-sensors. I hope it will work. Just a little wiring in eagle to do:
  9. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Good question...Another thing I have to think about :)
  10. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Channel Buttons
  11. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Last night I finished the layout for the Meters :)
  12. 32-Channel Midibox LC

  13. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    I can so it later. But it's a good idea. I can swap the Transport/Jog/Edit unit 2 faderunits left. I just have to do it before I build the case. I think I'll think about it :) EDIT: 4 Lines and each starts with "I" :) EDIT2: Picture added
  14. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Had some time: I think it's done.
  15. 32-Channel Midibox LC

    Hi Folks :) Spent some time of thinking about starting this topic or not. But as you can see, I finally decided to do it! First the Backgound: Some years ago (I think it must have been in 2006 or 2007) I started to build a midibox LC. I finished all the boards I need and build custom PCBs for the LED's, switches and everything else. You can see some pictures of the stuff. I don't know why, but I stopped spending time fpr that project. Perhaps due to my job. Now, after I've moved to a new place (2 years ago) I want to go back and start again with my music productions. For that I'm going to finish my LC and expand it to 32 Channels. Another thing I don't know any longer: I've enough Core, DIN, DOUT and MF PCBs to build this big thing. Amazing... The last 2 weeks I connected my finished PCBs and did some tests. Everything is working. But I decided to change something. So I have to build new PCBs for my buttons, for the pots and pot-indication and for the meters. Due to that I designed a housing for all the stuff. Not yet completely finished. Just want to give you some impressions and keep you guys up to date. Greetz :)