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  1. Noob - MIDI latency

    Oh... I might sound like even more of a noob now, but I forgot to mention I'm using an integrated audio card...>.> I guess getting a better soundcard will fix it then...
  2. Noob - MIDI latency

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to MIDI stuff. I've been anticipating getting a MIDI keyboard for a long time and finally went out and bought one yesterday. http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/Oxygen61-main.html I installed the USB drivers and got it to work with FL studio 7 pretty quickly. One thing I noticed though was that whatever I recorded seemed to be off-timing a little. It really bugged me. I'm pretty sure it was not because of the way I was playing (I'm not really used to springy keys, but I think I got the hang of them). But everything I recorded sounded off-timing enough to sound really bad. Is this caused by the USB connection? It only supports USB 1.1, and I heard this can cause problems. I'm thinking it could be caused by these possibilities: 1) USB 1.1 2) My software ( FL studio 7 ) 3) My computer specs What do you guys think? Is there any way to fix this easily? Will I have to buy a sound card with a MIDI interface if I want to be able to record stuff decently?
  3. Masking PCB's With Vinyl Stickers?

    Hrm yeah, I guess I'll try it out. I was just wondering if anyone had any guesses as to what would happen.
  4. Masking PCB's With Vinyl Stickers?

    Hi, I have a couple of questions about etching PCB's. I've never tried it before, and I've read through the various methods of masking them. I don't have a laser printer, and I don't want to order any special paper. Also, the whole transfering process with a hot iron seems like a real pain, which I would probably mess up. I have a friend with a vinyl sticker plotter that can cut pretty intricate designs on sticker paper, and I was wondering if it would be possible to mask a PCB by cutting out the track patterns onto a vinyl sticker and sticking them onto a copper board. I figure if permanent marker works, then stickers should too, but I've never tried this so I wouldn't know. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Noob Software Questions

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this has been discussed before (I spent a couple minutes searching, please point me to a thread if it has)! I'm getting into this whole electronic music thing, and I have a lot of questions about different computer software. Namely things like FL Studio (fruityloops), Cubase, Ableton Live, Sony Acid, Reason, and Avid Protools. I am just wondering what some of their pros/cons are, and which one would you use if you wee only interested in a specific purpose (like live performance versus production). Is there any one that you would consider to be "general purpose" or better than the rest? Also, which ones do you usually use together, and can those be substituted for another software? I'm mainly interested in their MIDI capabilities, but I'd also like to know the other things too. From what I understand, Ableton seems to be popular for live performances, but I've heard the same for Reason. Also, I've heard Cubase is mainly used for things like sequencing and not so much live work. I'm familiar with FL Studio, and it seems really nice for recordings, but I don't know how well its live features compare with the other software. I know it has options to link things to midi controllers, but I'm not sure how flexible it actually is (I don't have any MIDI gear yet). Also, what features are key in each category? Like what kind of features does Ableton offer that make it so much better to deal with live performance than FL studio or vise versa? I'd just like some opinions for users with experience with any of these. Like I said above, I don't actually have any MIDI gear yet, so I haven't had a chance to mess with much. I think once I get started I'll probably be mainly interested in live work, but recording also seems interesting. So which software would you recommend for someone like me? Thanks!