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  1. non-16 step pattern in song mode ?

    Hi TK! This feature is AWESOME and I have been using it a lot the past week. It works great for shorter counts but for some reason it gets stuck when patterns of more than 16 steps and doesn't progress.
  2. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Thank you SO much!!! :) Just in time for a weekend of songwriting too.
  3. AOUT not working on upgrade

    No worries. :) Thanks for putting some thought into it -- this is driving me crazy. I'm ready to "finalize" the work-in-progress SEQ4 that I've had around for ages, as it is the core component of my new musical rig.
  4. AOUT not working on upgrade

    No, I just meant the bootloader. I thought with MIOS32, the OS was integrated with the program upload.
  5. AOUT not working on upgrade

    I did try that (uploading to the most recent bootloader, and then the latest seq4 program again.)
  6. AOUT not working on upgrade

    I'm very sorry to keep spamming this thread, but I want to make sure you have all the info I can find about this issue. I found an old copy of MBSEQ4 beta 12 on my hard drive from way back. After restoring that, the AOUT works perfectly fine. So this definitely seems like a firmware issue of some kind.
  7. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Okay, further investigation reveals that I am getting SOME response from the outputs, but not at all as desired. AOUT Ch. 2 is changing my AOUT board's CV output 1 from ~5.25V to ~10.8V (max & min values from calibration menu). AOUT Ch. 4 is changing my AOUT board's CV output 2 from ~5.25V to ~10.8V. CV output 3 is stuck at maximum voltage and will not change (~10.8V) CV output 4 is stuck at minimum voltage and will not change (~5.25V) CV output 5 is stuck at -0.6V and will note change (??) AOUT Ch. 8 is changing my AOUT board's CV output 6 from ~5.25V to ~10.8V. CV output 7 is stuck at maximum voltage and will not change (~10.8V) CV output 8 is stuck at minimum voltage and will not change (~5.25V) So it looks like something scrambled here! Again, I confirmed proper logic 0 and 1 levels at the DAC/IC1 pins 8, 9 and 10 directly. I've searched the site and can't find any earlier firmware version compiled .hex files to download and test with. Any help letting me know what I should try next would be greatly appreciated!
  8. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Okay, I investigated this further. Using the testaoutpin function in MIOS terminal, the cs, si, and sc connections all test OK switching from logic 1 to logic 0 with the meter, at the input pins on the DAC chips. Logic 0 appears to be something like 0.1V rather than 0.4V and the sc signal is 5V rather than 4V. Those still seem like valid logic signals, but maybe there's something I don't know. Testing resistance with the meter, R32 is 1K values and connected the right way around, so no problems there. I'm going to revert to some older versions of the firmware and see if my AOUT starts working again and will report back. Thanks! Lars
  9. non-16 step pattern in song mode ?

    How difficult would it be to hard code this behavior into my MBSEQ as a custom job? The code seems all very well commented and in C, so I am not intimidated, but I am wondering about any pitfalls I may encounter. I would not be concerned about any glitchy side effects with MIDI slave or master devices, since MBSEQ is the core sequencing component in my rig.
  10. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Thanks for the reply TK! I will run the tests and see what I find out. The last time I updated my SEQ4 firmware was probably around October or November of 2009, if that helps diagnose anything that may have happened between now and then. A few weeks ago, I finally installed the AOUT board and everything has been working great, until right before the update. I'll let you know what I find out after running the tests.
  11. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Note: I did not update my hardware config file at all. Could this be causing any issues?
  12. non-16 step pattern in song mode ?

    I would second the option for a feature like this! I often write songs in strange time signatures that change time signatures multiple times in a song. Having one track set as the master references would be perfect. Even if it were a simple on/off options, taking track 1 as the reference.
  13. AOUT not working on upgrade

    Hi Midibox community! It has been a couple of years since I have been actively using my SEQ4, life has been busy. I was really pleasantly surprised to return and find all the awesome new features that have been added! I upgraded my SEQ4 today (STM32 core), but now my AOUT board is not putting out CV at all. All the 8x gate outputs are working fine. I have the correct board (AOUT) selected from the CV configuration page. I haven't looked inside, but I was using the CV outs immediately before the upgrade, so I suspect it's not a hardware issue. Any help is appreciated, thanks!! Lars
  14. SEQ4 Pattern Loading Glitch?

    I am using a 2GB SD Card of the SanDisk brand... it was brand new from RadioShack. So it should be fine, right?
  15. SEQ4 Pattern Loading Glitch?

    Will do. The SEQ4 just got a new friend the other day... Yamaha TX816 with six modules... my mind is getting blown this week... :frantics: