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  1. Is this possible? (BRC - sort of)

    Ah, the fog is starting to clear (a little). Thanks for the info cimo!! I'm not opposed to 3 cores, but using more than one DIN plug is a bit cumbersome with 1X1 IO midi interfaces ;D. Can the midi data from 3 cores be merged into one connector? Should be no problem if their ID header is different, right? I was hoping to accomplish "arm track x on bank y" with a Double-Note-Event. But that probably won't work because it appears the bank increment feature is only a function of + or -, not a bank 1, 2, 3... function. Correct? Thanks!! M. PS. which Microcontroller should I order? Am I correct to assume PIC18F4685 is the best candidate for this project?
  2. Is this possible? (BRC - sort of)

    Thanks Screaming Rab - that was it! cimo: could you clarify GPC mode? How is this achieved? Many Thanks, Martin
  3. Is this possible? (BRC - sort of)

    THanks for the quick reply!! Why would you need 3 cores? Couldn't you program it so that if you "Arm Channel 11" on the remote, it would transmit "go to bank 2, arm channel 3" etc.? Or does the Midibox not allow for two functions per button? I'm using Cubase/Nuendo and Pro-Tools. Speaking of programming/configuring. A while ago I found a nice GUI app that (if I understand it correctly) uploads CORE settings via MIDI, but I can't find it now. Any idea what that was? Thanks, M.
  4. Is this possible? (BRC - sort of)

    Pls see: Can this be built using a CORE and some DIN, DOUT, AIN modules using the Mackie HUI/control protocol? I am concerned it may not be possible to switch 3 banks at a time, do the time display and jog/shuttle? I would love to build something like this for my studio. I miss having my old 2" tape Ampex Remote (, and I think it would be very beneficial to my sessions to be able to turn off the screen, focus on the music and just use this remote to track. Also, I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, but have no experience programming firmware. Any programming experts want to write the program for this box? I'll pay ;D!! Pls email me at martin_adriaanse(at)yahoo(dot)com if you're interested in collaborating on this project. Many Thanks, M.