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  1. Fixed Length Triggers

    thank you Thorsten, both for the reply and for MIDIBOX :-)
  2. Fixed Length Triggers

    Hi, I'm planning to develop an application that reacts to note-on midi messages to trigger dout pins for a fixed time, using the Timer or Tick function seems the way to go but being not really a coder I'm a bit confused on the approach to use. Any idea? I tried searching the forum but it seems the search engine is not working
  3. single unit sell request

    Hi there, I'm not sure if I have to ask, but asking is free so here I am...  ;) It's a year now that I have all the components to build a minimal surface stereo SID put aside in a box waiting to be finished... meanwhile I started experimenting in the analog synth world and now I desperately need an oscilloscope for developing and "bug-tracking". Now, there's this friend of mine who would like to have my SID so I was thinking if I could  sell it to him to gain some money to help me buying the scope. The price would be the money I spent for PCBs, SID chips, board components etc plus something for the time and money I'll spend for building the enclosure (I'm planning to build a nice wood&alluminium case). Please let me know Dario
  4. Bad noise on SID output

    replacing the transistor solved the problem  ;) thanks for the support
  5. Bad noise on SID output

    no, mine is definitely "noise", not a "tone". Anyone knows if c547c is it equivalent to the bc547?
  6. Bad noise on SID output

    thanks for the replies! swapping the chips has no positive effects, and anyway the noise is present even without the chip (and really loud) so I can exclude that the problem is related to the chip. I'd exclude also problems related to power supply, in fact with the other SID module the noise I get is much lower, i.e. volume not comparable to SID output. I'll let you know once I replace T1
  7. Bad noise on SID output

    Hi all, after solving the DIN problem I started building the second SID module for my synth. 1 Core r4d 1 Sid r3d (with 8580chip) and 2200uF electrolytic cap optimized c64 psu Due to some soldering paste left on the board when I connected the board to test voltages I got some smoke and sparkles between the voltage regulator and c10(330nF). I cleaned the board and replaced them. Voltages on SID module are 8,9V at the voltage regulator output and 5,15V from Core module Now, I'm getting a lot of noise, with or without the 8580. Probably something got fried during the first test, but I don't know which components to check, any help appreciated ??? Here's a snapshot of scope and spectrum taken WITHOUT the 8580 chip EDIT: oh, don't look for stereo snapshot, as only the problematic SID module is connected to the oscilloscope
  8. weird midibox sid control surface step A

    You got it! I was confused by DIN board's silkscreening  ::) Looking again at the diagram I noticed that the board has J3 to J10 to connect digital inputs, while on the board only j3 to j6 are printed. thanks  and happy holidays  :) edit: oh, I'm using setup_8580.hex from found on ucapps. and now it seems working properly, so i don't need to modify the assembler for a specific hardware configuration (single-core mono or stereo sid), right?
  9. weird midibox sid control surface step A

    -I thought the application fitted all. where can I find apps for specific configurations? (at the moment I'm using a single SID module but I'm planning to build a single-core/stereo-SID) -I got the encoder from Smash, actually i had a wrong wiring now it's fixed. the result is that also the encoder triggers can bus errors  :-\
  10. Hi, I'm building a midibox sid step A surface, I bought the kit from SmashTv consisting of: 1 Core r4d 1 Sid r3d (with 8580chip) 1 KS0066 lcd mounted in 4bit mode with resistor and diode connected to d3-d2 1 din r5 with 1 rotary encoder, menu button and 5 buttons connected to j3 and j4 boards are fully populated software installed: MIOS 1.9f SID 2.0 applicatio rc14 the problem is that by pressing the menu button or #5 select button I get "CAN bus errors" relative to sid 3 and 4 respectively. Also the rotary encoder is not working properly, when it comes to changing parameters the parameter value on the display blinks but value doesn't change. I tried troubleshooting with srio_interconnection app. and voltage values on the lines are alright (both on j1 and on every single chip), also midi128 app. works properly: all the buttons and the encoder send midi note on/off normally. What could be the problem?
  11. Multiple banksticks?

    does it depend on the actual number of bankstick or on the pinning? I mean, could i connect less than 8 banksticks connecting one as A7 to have ensembles stored?