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  1. LCD question

    MIDIBOX LC?Mackie Control ) LC_EMULATION_ID 0x14        MOTORFADER0_IS_MASTERFADER 0 Other has not changed . The present is first 2X40 lcd demonstrates --LOGIC CONTROL EM… ,2nd demonstrates ulation ready…>-----BEATS TR 00:00: 00:000 . buttons,encoders,faders,May the output control . The question is : When operates buttons,  faders ,  LCD has maintained the fixed demonstration . Ask how can achieve, I operate buttons,  faders ,  Can obtain the demonstration response on LCD . I have knew that may revise some document, but does not know the detail . Or has writing Mackie Control the LC_CLCD document ??
  2. MIDIbox64

    MIDIbox64  Construct. I want 16 Faderses? 64 Buttons? 64 LEDs ? 1 Rotary Encoders ? Uses USB PIC Module Needs module quantity and type ?? Needs to change which in the MIOS firmware?? My English is very bad, sorry ??
  3. MIDIbox LC Question

    I use PIC18 to read in mios_update_v1_9f \ mios_update_v1_9f \ pic18f452 \ burner \ bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f452.hex . MIOSStudio uploads mios_update_v1_9f \ mios_update_v1_9f \ pic18f452 \ midi \ mios_v1_9f_pic18f452.hex . MIOSStudio uploads midibox_lc_v1_6a\main.hex. Uses http://www.ucapps.de/index.html?page=mbhp_core.html to connect successfully But : 1.Changes to the LTC module, the installment has CBX serial port driver, cannot connect, I look at the help, said that must establish,MIDI OUT LED Is shining ,MIDI IN LED Extinguishes ,Without flickers . English is not too clear, please carefully say the step . 2.I use samsung 2X40 (KS0066) LCD, does not have character display, is must establish? Please explain. If I do, how should do ? thanks !!
  4. midibox lc

  5. midibox lc

    Construct midibox lc virgin PIC18F452, burn:   -> pic18f452\burner\bootloader_v1_2_pic18f452.hex into the PIC. Thereafter upload Problem: upload?? \mios_update_v1_9f\pic18f452\midi\mios_v1_9f_pic18f452.hex??? or upload?? \midibox_lc_v1_6a\main.hex      ???? Thanks...