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  1. Always keep a tidy workspace

    i usually keep them on another table. the empties go onto the studio table ;)
  2. Your favourite faders?

    oops i meant 100mm!!!
  3. Firebox controller for ableton

    yet another question. i have my front panel complete, should i send it off for cutting, or should i wait until i have my pcb's designed first?
  4. Alternative to Front Panel Designer?

    i've used autocad about 6 years ago in university while doing my undergrad in engineering. too much drinking caused me to forget it the grid made things a bit more easier. at least now i can perform approximations. thank you!
  5. Mackie emulation & midibox?

    thank you very much!
  6. Currently i own a UC33e controller that uses the mackie emulator midi events. It allows me to use the up,down,left,right,play clip,play row features for ableton. This allows me to not require a mouse while using ableton for djing. Does the midibox support this? If so, how would it be implemented and also where would documentation on this be? Regards, jamie
  7. Simple 2 channel midi mixer for scratch

    http://www.vestax.com/v/products/players/vci100.html http://ci.vestax.com/en/products/ 2-channel midi mixer, with cross-fader. not sure how great the jog wheels are for scratching. .
  8. My MBSID

  9. Firebox controller for ableton

    ok ill try er sometime in the next few days. gotta get back to painting my house and bbq'ing and FYI, remind me to buy you some canadian beer when im done building this sucker!
  10. Firebox controller for ableton

    aaaand the pics.... pic #1 is the connection of the pot to the Core, each unused pin is grounded on the breadboard. Red = Vd, Blue = Vs pic #2 is the grounding of J5(B) i believe (ain2 of the core) pic #3 im sure you know what that is. DSC00672.JPG DSC00669.JPG DSC00668.JPG
  11. Firebox controller for ableton

    hey stryd, the source is contained in here http://www.jamiea.ca/ain64_din128_dout128_v2_0.zip. the only files i modified were: main.h - set AIN_MUXED_MODE to 0 main.c - Added my own name to the LCD ain64_din128_dout128_v2_0.zip
  12. Services Rendered

    i have not seen the exact license agreement for the midibox, but selling the parts, schematics etc is against the agreement. however, selling services such as building a midibox for someone (ie: an hourly charge), now thats something that is a little more in the grey area. personally speaking as a software engineer working with many types of software licenses i see no reason why u cant charge someone your time for building it (hey sasha did and u dont see anyone taking him to court). but then there are some hardcore midibox enthusiasts which might disagree with my statement. i would at least contribute partially what u have made back into the community. this including documentation, schematics, and even money.
  13. Firebox controller for ableton

    sure thing. i will take a pic tomorrow morning. off to bed now. thanks for the help!
  14. Firebox controller for ableton

    well i grounded everything yes. i also tried without using any AIN modules (just directly hooking up the pot to the Core and the pin value still changes when the pot is moved. here is a dump of the output when moving the pot in UNMUXED mode 00000000685040 ms | [b0 28 4A] Channel 1: CC LSB 8 (Balance) value: 74 00000000685052 ms | [b0 18 4A] Channel 1: CC Undefined value: 74 00000000685189 ms | [b0 38 4A] Channel 1: CC LSB 24 (Undefined) value: 74 00000000748217 ms | [b0 20 49] Channel 1: CC LSB 0 (Bank Select) value: 73 id like the midi output to be as follows: B0 28 4A B0 28 4B B0 28 4C ... ...
  15. Firebox controller for ableton

    yep, the code is from the ain64_din128_dout128 app.
  16. Firebox controller for ableton

    ok so back to the AIN_NotifyChange() function void AIN_NotifyChange(unsigned char pin, unsigned int pin_value) __wparam {   // a pot has been moved, send CC#<pin-number> at channel 1   MIOS_MIDI_BeginStream(); MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(0xb0); // channel 1 MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(pin); // pin #   MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(MIOS_AIN_Pin7bitGet(pin)); // 7bit pot value   MIOS_MIDI_EndStream();   // notify display handler in DISPLAY_Tick() that AIN value has changed   last_ain_pin = pin;   app_flags.DISPLAY_UPDATE_REQ = 1; } when i move a single pot the pin value changes, i would like it such that when i move a pot the following MIDI events occur: CC channel 1 Pot # Value When I move a single pot (say pot #1), using the above code the "pin" value changes. Any reason why? Assuming a pot only has one pin assigned to it.
  17. utopia live!

    yes can we you use! ;)
  18. Custom MEC Love

    50 X 3FTL6  "Quiet" 50 X 1E.09.06 caps
  19. Custom MEC Love

    which ones are you offering?
  20. Custom MEC Love

    id like to order some as well 50pc 3FTL45+1K depending on the cost of course  ;)
  21. Firebox controller for ableton

    yes sorry, CC channel yes the function   MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(pin_value); is called .
  22. utopia live!

    also what program did you use to design the panel?
  23. Firebox controller for ableton

    im trying to get my initial prototype working with ableton. i've noticed that when I turn a single pot the CC changes. Examining the C code I uploaded it shows that a CC note is sent when the pin voltage change (ie: when i move the pot). The CC note should not change when the pot moves, but it should be sent to ableton indicating that the CC note occurred. Can't seem to figure out why the CC note is changing when i turn the pot. Software looks ok, as does the hardware. Is there something I am missing? .