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  1. Commodore 64 Fanatic

    I love the case mods on this person's website. Great ideas! Especially the mod with the wood end-cheeks on a C-64 case. Brilliant! :thumbsup:
  2. I'm calling it quits for this weekend. Everything was going fine with testing Slave CORE 3, then suddenly, the LCD went double-bar on me. I stopped working on CORE 3, and went back to do SID test tone on CORE's 1 and 2, and now they are dead. Me thinks there is a bigger problem going on, farther back near the power supply. Now I have 2 out of five PIC's that display the double-bar syndrome. One of them does so in CORE's 1 and 3, when I swap them. SO...I'm stopping for a few days and come back with a fresh approach.
  3. UPDATE on Troubleshooting the first Slave Core/SID section. (CORE_2). Original issue: U2_SID2 Failure: Test Tone App. No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test. As noted in my last post, was able to visually verify all components were correctly installed and resoldered a few bad spots. Board inspection revealed a couple of spots where there might be shorts, and I cleaned them up. However, none of the trouble shooting fixed the original issue I decided the issue must be with the CORE PIC, itself. I pulled out a spare core - actually the first MIDIbox module I built a couple of years ago! I replaced Slave CORE PIC 1 with this old CORE and SHAZAM. Problem fixed. No more hot CORE PIC. No more black bars on LCD. I successfully uploaded latest version of MIOS and the Test tone app. Successfully tested both U2_SID2 and U1_SID2 with the test tone app. Now to use the CHANGE ID app and get this pic re-identified. One issue down, two to go! This is turning into a blog. Maybe I should use the ip.board blog function....
  4. Troubleshooting the first Slave Core/SID section. (CORE_2). Not quite there yet, but getting close. U2_SID2 Failure: Test Tone App. No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test. Trouble Shooting Steps: 1. Yes tone on PIN 27 -> U1_SID2 PIN 8. Audio Out on U2_SID2 eliminated as an issue. 2. Interconnections Test: Uploaded to core successfully, according to MIOS Studio. Still can't read LCD (black bars). 3. Noticed that PIC Is warm, other PICS are not warm. Pulled PIC. 4. CORE_2 Visual Part Check: R1_CORE2 - Brown/Black/Brown/Gold: 100 ohm Resistor - CHECK. Passes multimeter test. Solder joint looks messy. Resoldered. Retested. Passes test. R2_CORE2 - Brown/Black/Red/Gold: 1K ohm Resistor - CHECK. Passes multimeter test. Solder joint looks messy. Resoldered. Retested. Passes test. R12_CORE2 - Brown/Black/Red/Gold: 1K ohm Resistor - CHECK. No read on multimeter. Solder joint looks messy. Resoldered. Retested. Passes test. Multimeter displays proper data. R10_CORE2 - Brown/Black/Orange/Gold: 10K ohm Resistor - CHECK. Read on multimeter is spotty. Resoldered. Retested. Passes test. Spotty read is gone. Proper data displays. D1_CORE2 - 1N4148 - CHECK. Multimeter Test: Reads 0.744 one way. No read when poles are switched. Seems the diode is good with no short. Compared to diode in the working Master Core section. Both read the same. Passes test. C3_CORE4 - Monolithic Capacitor 100nF - CHECK. Not sure how to test. Don't think my multimeter can test capacitors. Anyone who can provide a tip or trick to test this part? R9_CORE2 - Brown/Black/Orange/Gold: 10K ohm Resistor - CHECK. No read on multimeter. Resoldered. Retested. Passes test. Multimeter reads now. Proper data displays. 6. Stopped to check voltages on CORE PIC IC Socket. IC1:MCLR(1) - IC1:Vss(12) = 5V IC1:Vdd(11) - IC1:Vss(12) = 5V IC1:Vdd(32) - IC1:Vss(31) = 0V IC2(8) - IC2:(5) = 0V Since Octocoupler is stuffed, not sure if the zero reads are normal or not. Will continue troubleshooting and report back.
  5. Finally got around to finishing my MB-6582 baseboard this weekend. Wife was gone ALL DAY, so finally got some man-cave time. Running into some issues, so I've been digging around the forum for testing and troubleshooting advice. I'm outlining my issues below, and will head off to bed. Tommorow, I will start checking the board for errors or issues. Here is what I have so far: 1. All capacitors are oriented properly. 2. I will check to ensure I have installed the correct resistors in the right places tomorrow. 3. Here are the symptoms: U1_CORE1 - GOOD, currently running MB6582 version of SID app with no issues U2_SID1 - GOOD U1_SID1 - GOOD U1_CORE2 - Two rows of black bars on LCD. When powered on, the following string is sent from the PIC to MIOS Studio: 00000004301268 ms | SysEx: F0 00 00 7E 40 01 01 F7 That's a good sign! Was able to upload MIOS v1_9g and Test Tone app without issue. Not sure if the black bars are worth worrying about. However, I did try another PIC (moved U1_CORE3 PIC over to U1_CORE2 socket) and there were no black bars. I could see the text just fine. Maybe I'll just order a new PIC. U2_SID2 - No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test - Yes tone on PIN 27 -> U1SID2 PIN 8 - No tone on PIN 8 -> J23_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor U1_SID2 - Yes tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 - No tone on PIN 27 -> U2_SID2 PIN 8 - Yes tone on PIN 8 -> J3_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor U1_CORE3: GOOD, currently running Test Tone app with no issues U2_SID3 - No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test - Yes tone on PIN 27 -> U1_SID2 PIN 8 - No tone on PIN 8 -> J23_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor U1_SID3 - No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test - Yes tone on PIN 27 -> U1_SID2 PIN 8 - No tone on PIN 27 -> U2_SID3 PIN 8 - Yes tone on PIN 8 -> J3_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor U1_CORE4: GOOD, currently running Test Tone app with no issues U2_SID4 - No tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 test - Yes tone on PIN 27 -> U1_SID2 PIN 8 - No tone on PIN 8 -> J23_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor U1_SID4 - Yes tone on PIN 8 -> PIN 27 (but not as loud as U1_SID2) - No tone on PIN 27 -> U2_SID4 PIN 8 - Yes tone on PIN 8 -> J3_SID2 Audio Out with 1K Resistor (however it is so low in volume, it is almost inaudible. Had to crank my amplifier all the way to barely hear it) Any suggestions would be appreciated! I'll report back my findings on the resistor check and trace check tomorrow.
  6. [S] MB6582

    Will you consider parting out, or do you want to sell this in one transaction to one person? Also, could not get to the images. You can upload them to this forum, if you like. Error You want to download the following file: | 3188 KB Currently a lot of users are downloading files. Please try again in 2 minutes or become a Premium member Please note, the server is not going to check again within the next 2 minutes if downloading is possible again. To provide a fair platform, all user get the same options. Your last attempt was 13 seconds ago.
  7. Found a web article from some guys that tried SMT soldering reflow techniques using a toaster oven. Seems to have been successful. I may try test this with some old junk boards. If I can get it to work, I may use this technique on the gm5x5x5, and eventually MBFM. Have you seen my new soldering Iron?
  8. gm5x5x5 Bulk order #2 - done

    Ankage? Is that what you call pretty ankles on a beautiful woman? As in, "check out that ankage!"
  9. Neuro controller

    I can't answer your question about parts. But, the fact that the developer's headset is only $500 is a testament to how far technology has come. Technology like this used to only belong to the realm of governments and major universities who had tens of thousands of dollars to spend. The possibilities are enormous. Imagine a club where the music was created by the combined brain wave patterns of everyone in the room. Would you create software the mixed the music? OR could there be an interface for a DJ to combine all the elements into a flow. What about mixing this with wearable electronics, something similar to the Arduino LilyPad. I'm going to go to the library and check out a copy of Gibson's Neuromancer, this weekend.
  10. gm5x5x5 Bulk order #2 - done

    Smithy, I put together the Mouser list on the wiki page this morning using the US Mouser site. If you would like to compare your list against mine maybe we can merge together the best options. I bet we probably chose different parts in some cases. EDIT: I really like the jumpers I chose because they are RED like the PCB. :)
  11. Not sure what to build

    The "big" bulk order is yet to come. It will coincide with DougWellington's case design. The two small bulk orders to-date were for those wishing to build their own case and order their own front panel. You can still get on the list on the wiki page. Not sure about CV part of your question. You might want to ask Wilba.
  12. Ponoko Launches in EU So now you can choose to get your products made and delivered from the USA, New Zealand or Germany. It’s another small step in solving a big problem with product manufacturing – the cost of shipping around the world. It’s great news. It means EU-based creators will pay just a fraction of the shipping costs which has made ordering products from our US and Pacific-based making hubs prohibitive. For example the cost of shipping a P1 size of 3mm thick plastic sheet of material to anywhere in Germany will plummet by about 85% to around just US$9, while places like Amsterdam and Paris will reduce by around three-quarters to about US$16! The new hub also opens up the European market for creators in other parts of the world. Items can be produced in the EU and shipped locally, reducing the cost – and environmental impact – of long-distance shipping to the EU. The German hub is the result of us licensing our online making system to Berlin-based fabber, Formulor. They are a team with 12 years’ laser cutting experience, with support from leading material supplier Modulor. The Modulor name is well known in Germany – creators like you have been using the site to source materials for more than 20 years. A glimpse into the future The German hub is a departure from our existing making hubs in the USA and New Zealand which are owned and operated by us. Formulor is 100% independent of Ponoko. This means the pricing is different, the materials catalog is different, and the business terms are different. And in this case, your package of goodies will be delivered from Formulor, not Ponoko. Over time, we see our role expanding to be about connecting creators, digital fabricators, materials suppliers and buyers of goods rather than simply providing manufacturing services ourselves. This means others like Formulor will join the Ponoko network to be suppliers of digital making services going forward, rather than just Ponoko. So just like eBay provides the marketplace for buyers and sellers to engage, Ponoko provides the world’s first marketplace for buyers and sellers of product designs – and now digital making services. We’re working with other digital making service providers to add more making hubs around the world. It’s about making it easier for you to get things made, no matter where you, or your customers, are in the world. Updates to Ponoko Existing users will notice a few changes when you log onto your MyPonoko account. Expect another post very soon explaining the nuts and bolts of those changes and how to get your stuff made and sent from Germany. If you can’t wait, log in now and follow your nose to change your making hub to Formulor in Germany. You’ll find the changes to accommodate the new hub are fairly self-explanatory. You’ve got a good reason to choose Germany now Check out the new shipping rates to Germany, the EU and UK!
  13. C64C with SID2SID / Mssiah

    I sold my Prophet64 / C64 for $350 USD two years ago via eBay. And it didn't have the screen mod, like this one. Just some knobs and SID2SID and red paint. But, I don't think there will be any interested buyers on this board. Not when you can build an MB-6582 with 8 sids for much less cost.
  14. MB-6582 panels...

    If you don't want to wait for this bulk order, try ordering your panels from Front Panel Express. You can find the FPE files on the Wiki page created by Wilba for the MB-6582. Or you can get in touch with julianf - he's a user on this board that is making panels for MB-6582 at a lower cost that FPE. He is located in the UK, I believe. But, you can message him here on the forum.
  15. Sids on ebay now

    Yeah, I would hate to see a legit dealer in vintage electronics get burned by scrupulous suppliers. I sent a note via eBay asking if the seller would post a photo of the markings from the underside of the chips. The response was "we will end the listing and relist with the picture." This will be a good find for the newer MB-6582 builders and the sammichSID builders if they are NOS 6581's. My son is getting interested in MIDIbox, so I'm considering purchasing a few of these.