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  1. Grounding unused jumpers on AIN?

    i was looking at the schematic however it stated ground the pins only if you leave out a 4501. i have 4x4501s mounted onto the PCB, however for testing I am only going to use one of them, hence why i asked if they still need to be grounded. ;)
  2. The Nice Knobs Thread!

    check out the aluminum anodized knobs on this site http://www.ehcknobs.com/selector/index.php?series=107
  3. Core v4 Circuit Diagrams?

    thanks that worked. didnt see his documentation on there much appreciated.
  4. Looked around but can't seem to find diagrams for the Core V4. My parts arrived from Smash TV and the midi box site only has the schematics for core V3. Much thanks
  5. Backlit knobs?

    the backlit/led knobs are not essential. just a nice to have. i mite try and ask some people at my work. they might be able to supply me some. never know what those gov't employed lab technicians have.
  6. do mpc style pads exist?

    i have m-audio trigger finger, and i believe the pressure sensitive pads are transducers. .
  7. Backlit knobs?

    my intent is to find a factory assembled knob/fader which i can purchase. they must be out there. i do not plan on building my own. it is out of scope for this project. ill keep looking. .