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  1. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    The trick to maximizing viewers in the tags and concentrating on one particular synth.  You have so much stuff that people who are searching for specific sound demos on one synth will probably bypass your videos Pete. Thats my logic anyway.
  2. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    For some reason the channels cancel each other out, I used an iriver H340 to record that demo, so if you're listening to it on a mono device like a phone speaker you hear nothing!   
  3. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    Be sure to share your patches in the patch thread! I haven't got deep into the MB SID yet but I made 3 patches: Irish Whiskey Driving Bass   Strings 
  4. Hi Bruno,  what CAD software(s) did you use to design the mockups? im currently studying CAD at the moment, Thanks for yout time, Adrian.
  5. Behringer RD-8 is STM32F4 based

    Interesting! How did you find this out Thomasch? Did you open yours up?
  6. Wow, what a great device and what an amazing demo!  Congratulations Bruno!   I might have to remix that melody of yours too! ;)
  7. This may be useful for people for powering their music equipment while travelling or for mobile gigs etc... I was quite impressed and hope the company does well.
  8. Elrom Teaser :)

    Great work guys!
  9. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    A genuine Hakko 936 style tip works wonders over the Chinese clones also, really worth spending the extra money one from my experience.
  10. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Got it! Removed the 3 Jumpers from the Waveshare itself, and changed the slider from USB to 5V  and now its working fine! Peter shows it here at 55:46  
  11. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    When i check the voltage between Pin 3 GND1 and Pin 4 (VDD) I get a negative voltage, i.e. -3.3V Black probe to GND1, and Red probe to VDD. I presume it should not be negative? Thanks for your time, Adrian.
  12. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thats a good question actually!  I wonder if Peter or Andy have a USB "doctor" stick to test, they're really quite handy.  
  13. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Found a really cheap source for the 19mm transparent Multimec caps / 1S11-19.0: 35 pcs = €13.00 Including VAT Plenty of Stock, and free Shipping to the UK and Ireland, not sure about other European countries.  RS Online would have cost me  €41.38 with delivery for 40, (multiples of 10) Found them via , which figured out that farnell had the .0 missing from the part number, never trust google alone!
  14. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    Wow, brings back memories of the old SID Haul on here, where almost 10,000 (iirc) NOS 6582A chips were tested and sold by Wilba.  He sold them for less than 20 euro each too.
  15. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Ah okay! Desoldering is usually the main cause of pads lifting alright. Hope you can hot wire it and save it!