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  1. Hi TK, It works for the latest post in the thread and the original post but none of the posts in between. It's a strange one!
  2. Hi @TK., there appears to be an issue with the forum when editing an existing post. I tried editing a post in my "Build Guide: MIDIbox Quad Genesis" thread in the MIDIbox FM forum. This is the error that came up: [[Template core/front/forms/popupTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I tried uploading a screenshot of the above error message in this post also but it said: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200) Thanks for your time, Smithy. d o
  3. Just found a cheap source on AliExpress for the m3 threaded inserts for wood: https://a.aliexpress.com/_EwPghFj Be sure to select m3xm5x6mm
  4. Also check out the wooden case that Technobreath designed. It's a simple case based on Sauraen's metal enclosure that he repurposed. I modified the 8 mounting holes so they would fit the wooden case. I'll be using 8 threaded inserts for m3 screws that I bought on eBay. You can find the pdf here: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=mbqg_tb_case
  5. Hey man. It's actually an FR4-Standard PCB. Non aluminium. But seems pretty robust anyway.
  6. Hey phatline, I paid a total of $184.26 for the 5 sets of the front panel and rear panel PCBs. I'm negotiating a partial refund for the lack of paper and the 2 boards with marks on them. So that's $37 for 1x Front Panel and 1x Rear panel. I *think* Sauraen may have some green MBQG_FP PCBs that have not been sold, a few years ago he had some left at least. He is on travels at the moment so may not reply until he is home. The Genesis module PCBs are sold out on Modular Addict, so I'm not sure if any more are available. The MIDIbox Shop is closed down and Modular Addict (USA) is the new shop for PCBs. https://modularaddict.com/shop-by-brand/midibox-ucapps-de Best to check with Sauraen, another friend of mine is interested in buying a set of Sauraens PCBs and my panels also. I also need to try and prioritize the people who already have MBQG_FP PCBs. @Sauraen I could try and get some more people interested in buying PCBs by posting on relevant Synth DIY facebook groups and forums. When I complete the build guide I think more people would be enticed to build their own. Thanks for your time, Smithy.
  7. Thanks dude! I filed a complaint with JLCPCB to get a refund due to absence of paper between the PCBs which I paid for and also a partial refund for the scuffed boards.
  8. No idea who you sold the PCBs to @db0451 but I have front panels and rear panels I'm selling for the project here: If you could PM the person you sold them to that would be a great help!
  9. I have 4 Front Panels and 4 Rear Panels for sale. Please see this post:
  10. Update especially for people who have ordered Sauraen's Front Panel PCBs. TLDR: I have 4 Front Panels and 4 Rear Panels for MIDIbox Quad Genesis for sale. Life got in the way of both me and @ssp, and we lost contact for a few years! Thanks for your help dude, and if anyone would like acrylic panels laser cut you should contact him! The good news is that I ended up converting the Front Panels in .fpd format to PCB format using Kicad with lots of editing and learning. Here's how the Front Panels came out: I also designedRear Panels and this is how they turned out: Please note that the mounting holes for the Front Panel are designed to fit the DIY Wooden Enclosure that @technobreath designed for me: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=mbqg_tb_case You will need to use brass inserts that take 3mm bolts, drilled into the top of the case to be able to mount it. I will update the Build Guide I'm making with details on how to do this: The rear panel will require using a jigsaw or small saw to cut out the rectangle for the Rear Panel. I am really happy the way the precision of the Edge Cuts and how the silkscreen came out. The Front Panel PCBs fit Saureans green pcb underneath perfectly as you can see in the first image embedded Unfortunately JLCPCB did not put paper between the pcbs despite me paying for that option and 2 Front Panel PCBs had had minor scuffs: Nothing a Sharpie Pen couldn't fix though. If you are interested PM me and I can try and get a price for shipping it to your country. Just posting to see if there's any interest now.
  11. I am using a 12V 2A PSU that was used for an external harddrive and have Altitudes PSU mod installed on my MB-6582 with the fancy RECOM voltage regulators. I've had the issue with the original C64 PSU and power brick also so there may be a short or grounding issue. I think I could feel a tingle before when touching the fan's metal grill. I've procrastinated the repair in fear of making it worse but I will attempt to fix it someday! Thanks for the help with the Arp, I will try it out! I love how Insidious has the 4 clickable waveforms per step, as well as sync, ring mod etc.. And how it's much faster in general to recreate a SID tune. Not sure if it's possible to copy that UI without losing some features in CTRLr. If I have anymore ideas on a UI I will post them in the relevant CTRLr editor thread. Thanks Thorsten!
  12. Central Park Loader.mp3 So the above is the result I get from MIDI track 1 (attached). Some unexpected high notes. Central Park Loader.mid Basically in wavetable 1, I'm copying straight from the video, Step 1 =0, Step 2 = +2 octaves, Step 3 = +1 Octave and repeated for the 12 steps. In Wavetable 2, I want the Triangle Waveform to play on each of the 12 steps. So in hexidecimal it should be a value of 01 on each step? I know that theres probably other ways of selecting the triangle wave but I'm trying to copy the video and understand how to put in the values. It could also be an issue with my MB-6582 causing unexpected behavior, I need to resolder joints as I get some noise at times. Any help would be appreciated, thanks. :) CentPark.syx
  13. When I first started writing this post, the links opened fine from the User Manual on ucapps.de. Now I'm getting the page above. I can open the links from my post on the forum fine though? I figured out 2 settings which were messing up the wavetables, Instrument 1 in Multi Engine was set to Poly instead of Mono. And the "Wavetable Only" was not enabled in Rutgers Editor. Almost have the Central Park Arp sounding the same now except I get notes that are too high pitched. I'll post the results in my next post below.
  14. The link to the 3 of these pages in the MIDIbox SID V2 User Manual Page are dead. MIDIbox SID V2 Parameter Chart MIDIbox SID V2 CC Implementation Chart MIDIbox SID V2 SysEx Implementation I'm trying out Rutghers Java Editor and can't figure out how to make an Arp with the Wavetables for the Last Ninja 2 Central Park Loader. While the wavetables are more advanced on the MIDIbox SID V2 I think they are harder to program than Insidious. These are just my initial thoughts.
  15. I'll try playing with Rutgers editor in the coming weeks and will come up with some suggestions for the UI. Great to see you back!
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