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  1. Nothing earth shatteringly different from the normal happening yet. I've just got my (very lovely) boards delivered from SmashTV and soldered them up, so here sit two STM32F4 cores (sans SD card hardware because it's not here yet)
  2. Hi Thorsten, First off general thanks for ucapps/MIOS/midibox in general, please enjoy a beer on me :D I've only got the one core. The core is connected to a usb midisport 4x4 which had worked fine for a couple of sysx reads and writes earlier in the day. There's no other midi gear connected. I'll have another play with it in a bit. What sort of .hex are you suggesting I try, an app or mios? The initial boot loader does respond so I can apparently rewrite mios and then upload an app without any probs.
  3. Hi, After uploading a .hex I built myself from a very slightly modified version of midibox64 I get a weird response in MIOS studio when querying the device "Detected MIOS8 and MIOS32 response - selection not supported yet! Check MIDI IN/OUT connections and Device ID!" The midibox application runs fine on the device, all midi works as expected, but MIOS studio appears unable to speak to it. I'm not an assembly guy, I'm a PHP guy, but I'm generally good to go at making small hacks in OS software and getting it to build. Here's what I did... I wanted to remap the pins that the menu's were assigned to in midibox 64, so I grabbed midibox64_v2_4d.zip from the MIOS8 download section here http://ucapps.de/mios_download.html I'm on OS X so I used homebrew to grab and build GPUtils 0.13.7. I edited setup_midibox64.asm and changed the pin numbers here. #if DEFAULT_ENC_DATAWHEEL == -1 #define DEFAULT_DIN_MENU_EXEC 32 ; menu exec button assigned to DIN pin #7 #define DEFAULT_DIN_MENU_RIGHT 36 ; menu right button assigned to DIN pin #6 #define DEFAULT_DIN_MENU_LEFT 39 ; menu left button assigned to DIN pin #5 #define DEFAULT_DIN_MENU_SNAPSHOT 33 ; menu snapshot button assigned to DIN pin #4 #else typed make, got no errors and a brand new .hex so I uploaded it and here I am. I have also tried upgrading MIOS on the core to V1.9g which went fine, and then uploaded the new .hex again with the same end result that I get the "Detected MIOS8 and MIOS32 response" error. If I query the core in the 2secs after cold start then MIOS studio shows the resonse.. "Operating System: MIOS8 Board: MBHP_CORE or similar Core Family: PIC18F Bootloader is up & running!" I can only assume I've skipped some docs somewhere and missed some fundamental build step here, and would appreciate a point in the right direction.
  4. Hello all, I started a Midibox 64 build back in 2008, at least that's when I bought the bits, and since then I've been dropping in and out of it every now and again. I actually finished the hardware build 18 months ago, and had it running the base MB64 application. Today I've got to the point where I can consider using it more earnestly, so I've been on the forums grabbing some info and have built my first slightly customised version of the MB64 app. All I've done so far is remap the menu pins. I've got some questions to ask about the app elsewhere in the forum, but I thought it was probably time to introduce the build before I do..... It's meant to sit comfortably useful as DAW controller (ableton live) and have enough knobs and buttons left over to handle the major twiddles of VST's and synths on DAW tracks It's not pretty inside And it's got a red one of these I completely failed to keep a proper build log, actually I didn't even keep an improper one, but there are a few more photos here... http://www.flickr.com/photos/jentulman/sets/72157624189717326/ Next up..... Reorder the pins in the application. The ordering of the pots and buttons is a bit hap hazard, #17 is the top leftmost white button, #1 is about halfway along the row, the top left pot is #33 etc. Making a new map is a mind twister. Replace the core as I burnt out one of the analog input lines with a silly short circuit, so 8 pots are currently dead. Seems like a good excuse to build a MIOS32 core. Possibly add all the LEDS (got the gear for the full complement) but I might leave that until after....... Rebuilding the entire thing, replace most of the wiring with PCBs for each 'channel strip' and components that didn't cost 50p each. [edited for speeeeelink and grandma]
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