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  1. Hey guys, I'm new here so go easy. I'm interested in building from scratch a Controller for my DAW. I've built preamps and the like before so hopefully the building part wont be that bad. What i'm more interested in is the price. I was wondering how much i should expect to pay to build a unit to these specs 33 faders 32 standard and 1 master. Push buttons for solo, mute. Pan controls on every channel. Display above every channel similar to what people are building for the Us-2400, something to display track name pan position and metering. Controls on the side to change banks for the faders to control 64 channels in the DAW a play, pause, record button and maybe if possible a jog wheel or the like to move around in the DAW. And if possible a plug in controller.. Cheers
  2. Cheers guys been slowly doing my research (only thought about doing this today). I was originally looking at buying a second hand Tascam US-2400 but i think for the price i can build a unit thats twice the size with LCD's displays and better metering. I run a small recording studio in Melbourne, Australis and working ITB can be a little boring so having a large DAW controller looks impressive for clients, and also helps me save time and energy. After researching i think i will build a 40 fader unit with solo's mutes and and pan controls for each channel as well as all the added controls on the end. I will let you know how i'm going over time and i'm sure I'll be asking for help a lot :) It will be a slow build over the next few months as money becomes available. the one thing i will need to work out right now is how wide the unit will be as i'm also in the process of building a new studio desk that holds all my rack gear, monitors and patch bays.... Cheerios Chris
  3. Cool i will look it up. I was just interested in knowing if someone had done this build and after buying all the faders the casing etc. What there build cost came too. Cheerio Chris