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  1. [FS] OPL3 chips set

    Hello everyone I have a OPL3 chip set for sale (2x YAC512 and 1x YMF262). 10€ + shipping costs (I'm from Italy). Dimitri
  2. reliable source for OPL3

    hi guys perhaps, can anyone recommend me Utsource for YMF262M and YAC512C? could they be fakes? or other sources where I could buy them?
  3. strum plate

    hi everyone I'd like to have some suggestion for how to make a strum plate like the one used on the Suzuki Omnichord:       essentially it is a set of 12 touch sensors placed along a strip. I thought about the SoftPot resistive strip, but I could only detect position on the strip and I couldn't trigger more than 1 signal at once. I read about capacitive sensing but seems like there are many disadvantages. what could be a solution? and what do you think the Omnichord strip is made of?  
  4. Midi Omnichord

    hello everyone :) I'm trying to understand how the Suzuki Omnichord works this is a schematic:   https://doc-10-8c-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/lk54a81tnkfa15utnl5v22uglsogf3ls/nqti4dgff7k1rilokqh8irq5j6646enh/1363003200000/02641102607401280949/03078043583709180525/0B8-MOD-DNXkHZGE3NmU4NzctZDhkYi00Njg0LWIwMmQtNjQ3ZDJjZDAxNzk4?nonce=ds9rb1d857csm&user=03078043583709180525&hash=jke3063mf4b7k81s36scpsah1vhcbc2l   Since I think it's a pretty simple device, I was wondering if I can build its tone generator around Midibox. The "Midibox side" (I mean chord generation, control program, etc) is not a problem for me since I'm a programmer, but I really can't undestand how this thing can do sounds.   Looking at the schematic those are my guesses: the main CPU monitors the switches to decide which chord to output. Then there's a 8253 timer chip that should be able to output square waves tones. The output is sent to some dividers (upper-right on the schematic) that I don't undestand at all what are doing. There's then a circuit (on the center-right of the schematic) that makes the drum sounds (I can skip this part, I don't need it at all). Last, on the bottom part of the schematic, there are 13 touch sensor that trigger the notes, then the amplifier and the power supply. Looks like the sound generation is digital, the 13 triggers are only there to activate the right note coming from the digital chip. Replacing the main CPU with a midibox should be fairly simple, but what about the tone generation?   Now since I have Omnichord samples, I can't undestand how this schematic can make such waveform (at the lowest note), and then become a triangle-like waveform at the highest notes.
  5. ciao Dimitree, ho bisogno di un tuo preventivo per la programmazione di un micropic in grado di controllare 8 loop.

    in pratica mi serve una cosa del genere : http://www.aresaudio.com/picolooper2.html con la possibilità di avere un unico pulsante store/mode che schiacciandolo porta l'unità in modalità registrazione dello stato dei loop e poi schiacciando ancora lo stesso pulsante si me...

  6. USB to Midi OUT

    hello everyone, I use my iPod touch + iRig Midi with midi keyboards, and it's perfect, but I can't use it with USB-Midi keyboard that don't have an actual Midi out, but just USB. I'd like to know if there's a DIY way to convert the USB-Midi to standard Midi out. Could the GM 5x5x5 chip could be ok for this?
  7. FS: OPL3 chipset

    I have 1x YMF262 + 2x YAC512. if you are interested, tell me where are you from so I can calculate the shipping costs
  8. FS: OPL3 chipset

    Hi everyone, I have for sale the OPL3 chipset (YMF262/YAC512 x2) used for MIDIbox FM / sammichFM. I've never used those chips, I bought them from Wilba here, but I never started the project, so the price will be the same as offered by Wilba: 12.75 AUD + shipping (from Italy). Dimitri
  9. help with makefile

    ok after some work I managed to write this thing :) it works good only question I have now, I can't manage to put output files in differents DIRs, and take input files in differents DIRs, now it only works when files are in the same dir as makefile, and the generated files (objs, bins, lib) are created inside the same folder. any help for this?
  10. help with makefile

    thanks actually that would be against the requirements, so I guess I should take the makefile route..
  11. help with makefile

    thanks TK! yes they are only few files, just like shown..so I'd like to take the easiest way..but, the main thing is that I need this makefile for my universitary project, and the requirements are those that I wrote before.. so my question is, what you mean with commands into a shell script? would that still be a makefile or something different?
  12. help with makefile

    hi guys, this is not midibox related, but I hope it's ok to post here since it's about makefile in Linux I'd like to write a makefile for a project (written in C) like shown on the picture. Myfolder contains all the source files of the projects, and the makefile too. I'd need the makefile to: - compile the sources - create the static library - link the library to the sources - install (without the needs of root permission) the bin (and the library) in the $HOME/.myproject naked folder - put the object files in the obj dir - put the lib file in the lib dir - put a copy of the bin to the bid dir I don't even know where to start, I can only write simple makefile to compile 1 file :( can anyone help me? many thanks
  13. question about FM

    great, I was sceptic since I haven't seen any video of MBFM used with keyboards
  14. question about FM

    now this is another stupid question, maybe the most stupid on the forum, but I had this doubt: can I play the MBFM with my keyboard, so sendind Note-on Note-off events, or it's just CC/sequencer controllable?
  15. question about FM

    thanks, that's a great explaination :)