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  1. Hello, I sell two SID midibox boards with their components (except the SID module). I built four and used two in the end. See pictures below: Can be sent to Switzerland, France, or just about anywhere in the EU. 50€ requested for the whole.  
  2. Cancelled ; Closed ; thanks Hello, I'm selling my non terminated project, I dont have the time and the motivation to finish it. It's about : - 2 midibox core pcb. - 4 midibox sid pcb. - 2 midibox din pcb. - 2 black and white lcd 2x20. - 2 Microchip 18F4685 (with bootloader). - 4 swinsid pcb with chips solder (not programmed). - 6 swinsid pcb without chips. - 1 Ubasp usb for programming the Atmel Swinsid (i've not make the cable). - 1 plastic box. Asked 90€.      I can add the folowing things for free if you want : - 2x15v 15VA toroid transformer (I have more than 10 of them). - 50hz 230VAC filter (I have a few of them). I can send it to Switerzland (where i'm living), or France, or anywhere in the E.U (juste need to check the cost for the send). Best regards. David.