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  1. Dear MIDI gurus, I have built an all voltage controlled analog synth (DIY, non commercial). Requirements: - need to feed 24 control voltages -5V - +5V and 16 logic levels inputs (1 - 3 bits each) - all shall be controlled from rot. encoders (with LEDs) and buttons, no PC involved - patches to be stored/retrieved locally - option, to retrieve, edit, store patches from a PC I have peeked in this forum here and there. Questions: - Who has built something similar using MIDIbox parts, so I could learn from that project? - How many core modules to have? 1? 2? (1 to give the synth a MIDI interface, 1 to do the user interface?) - Which controller events shall I use? When to use these NRPN ones over the non specified "ordinary" controllers? - I seem to need AOUT or AOUT_NG modules. Who sells complete kits in EU? (Getting these DACs seems to be an issue and these boards seem to require prof. equipment) Thank you for considering these questions.