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  1. I have been longing for my kit to arrive for months. Just received it, but sadly I have to sell it. I simply need the cash for more mundane things. So I am offering a Sammich-kit complete with green LED, LCDs and 2 SIDs. I live in Sweden so Swedes have the advantage of lower shipping costs. Will sell the kit for Wilbas price plus shipping and customs fee. (på svenska innebär det 2150 SEK).
  2. Yes you did write, "Payment is expected before 1st March 2010, and if everything goes to plan, I can ship kits before 15th March 2010" So is everything going according to your plan?
  3. Just wondering, have you begun sending out the kits from batches #5 and #6 now Wilba?
  4. Thank you. I may seem a bit meticulous, but I do no have the Sammich kit yet or the money to buy the solderstation until next month so I can afford to investigate thoroughly. I think I will go with my gut feeling and order one of them. I have always liked to have displays to tell me what is going on so I think I like that "gimmick" so I am leaning towards the RDS unless some whizz here can tell me what corners have been cut.
  5. Okey, since I have found them at almost the same price Ersa has the edge on the Wellers. RDS80 or Analog60 then?
  6. Ok. Since I have crossed out the "child labour made China crap with possible toxic parts". I rather save up some cash and start my build next month than cheapo out. And I assume that I might be able to sell it off later if it is a decent brand and get a some back if I don't get hooked on building stuff. I have nailed it down to the following four(which is more or less the same price), please help me make a choice. Ersa RDS 80 Ersa Analog 60 Weller WHS 40 analog Weller WHS 40 Digital
  7. Thank you Seppoman. If you are sure it is china crap I cross that of my list now. I saw somehere that it is generally a bad idea to get a solder station with power lower than 50 Watts. But then many also recommend the Weller 40 watt. Is there different Watts here? Is Ersa 60 watt somehow equal to Weller 40 watt? Is it like to old Fake Amp watts in the HiFi world?
  8. Just found a brand called Toolcraft that seems decent, anybody got any experience with this one? http://shop.conrad.se/websale7/Digital-l%f6dstation-80-W.htm?Ctx=%7bver%2f7%2fver%7d%7bst%2f3eb%2fst%7d%7bcmd%2f0%2fcmd%7d%7bm%2fwebsale%2fm%7d%7bs%2fconrad%2dswe%2fs%7d%7bl%2f01%2daa%2fl%7d%7bmi%2fSHOP%5fAREA%5f17589%5f1508030%2fmi%7d%7bpi%2f588999%2fpi%7d%7bpo%2f2%2fpo%7d%7bfc%2fx%2ffc%7d%7bp1%2f579fc180f6b2a1aa606430e352604b13%2fp1%7d%7bmd5%2f152ec5d0a3bc89d841b67a2051afd608%2fmd5%7d Is it china crap?
  9. Thank you. I have been looking at the Weller too, but Reichelt add a lot of extra fees and shipping and also has a minimum ordervalue of 150 euros so I got to find it elsewhere. BTW looking at the specs there are two Weller 40's - on go down to 150 and one to 200 degrees celsius. Is that of any importance on a project like the Midibox?
  10. I have bought my last piece of low budget chinese stuff. Mainly because I have had crappy drills and woodworking tools that I ended up replacing with better brands and paid for both a cheap and a not so cheap one when I could have bough a REALLY great in the first place for the same money. And also cause I have seen horror storys from the sweatshops where they make the low end crap. It is inhuman to buy stuff that is too cheap cause that means somebody else have suffered for it.
  11. I have passed the point of no return! Changed my mind for economical reasons to green LEDs and LCDs and just paid the invoice for my kit. Now I really got to do this - I am so nervous I can almost feel my hands shaking the solder already. Which is strange since I don't have a solderstation yet. Speaking of which I think I will save up some cash and go for ERSA RDS-80 for 130 euros if you guys don't have a better suggestion (at the same price or less).
  12. Thank you. I can go with white LEDs as well, they look pretty too :)
  13. Well I have some blue LEDs in other machines that look pretty so I have not had any problems so far, but there are of course many LEDs on the sammich so it might make a difference...
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