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  1. Hi there, I've been building a midi-device and it sends midimessages on predefined midiCC... now I want to be able to 'quickly' and easily map these midiCC to other midiCC.. I've already build the whole midi-device and I want to add just a couple of buttons/knobs and a LCD display to be able to do this and I don't have that much space left anymore.. Does anyone know of a solution for my problem? I've got 6 analoge sensors, which are being read and send over 2 different midiCC (for example, the first two used midiCC are 48 and 49) The first one is LSB (value from 0-7, which I will have to change later on because it should be scaled into the 0-127 range ) and the second one MSB (for finetuning: every time the MSB reaches 127, it changes back to 0 and the LSB value goes one step further). This made it possible for me to have a precision of 1024 steps for the analoge signals.. (send to my nord modular G2, controlling two knobs which will be summed up..) so I've got 6 pairs of midiCC which should be remapped: 48&49, 50&51, 52&53, 54&55, 56&57 and 58&59 it would be even better if the device could sum up these incoming pairs and change it into 1 midiCC with a 1024 precision (I know the encoders of my ReMOTE ZeRO SL can send midi of 16384 steps on one midiCC) if somebody could help me out with this, it would be great! sirsicksik