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  1. DJ controller with integrated PC

    try this video there will be more over the weekend hopefully Sam
  2. DJ controller with integrated PC

    I found the manufacturer using alibaba (olinkindustrial). I had to have 10 panels made (!) They are 4 wire resistive. I currently have one for sale on ebay (not sure if i'm supposed to put links here...) The unit is now assembled, and works well. I need to do some work customizing the Virtual DJ skin. All the buttons and pots are mapped to VDJ (using VDJ script) - the tactile buttons are a bit 'clicky' but feel OK in use. I'm using the audio output from the Motherboard for driving the headphones and the level is a bit low - so may add a little headphone amp...if I can find somewhere to put it. Cheers S
  3. DJ controller with integrated PC

    Thanks! The touchscreen is a custom made glass panel from China. It fits over the laptop screen and has a USB interface. It's currently running Windows XP and Virtual DJ, but I plan to develop a skin for Mixxx - then run it with Linux. I'll take some pics of the assembled unit tomorrow. Sam
  4. Hi All First - many thanks to all Midibox contributors... I've learnt alot from this site! My Midibox - It's a simple design with 16 buttons and 11 pots (2Ains, 2Dins) based on the old PIC board. But combined with a thinITX PC motherboard, USB soundcard and a touchscreen. See the details at: It's due an update because I've assembled it now, so check it in a few days... Sam