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  1. invoking Yog-Sothoth could work.

    1. jojjelito


      Yup. Always does the trick.

  2. should I remove my left ears? finally, monophonic sound is nice.

  3. when I'll be famous, I'll distribute my music only on bandcamp for digital, on kunaki for CD and hardwax for vinyls :D when I'll be.

  4. I had a nice number of requests for physical signed copies of my latest EP as @Jjulien That's nice. Didn't think you would want this kind of things from me.

  5. at some point, I didn't need TODO lists. they became annoying and inaccurate, pain in the ass to update and unuseful. today, since around 1,5 year, I have all in my heads, which means VERY few flows. all the other stuff to keep are in ... google keep for further processing. that is my personal #GTD. simplier, better, stronger.

  6. "j'aimerais bien être pour de vrai dans l'iPad" - Alice Tron's influence ?

  7. JJulien soon on Spotify

  8. Now, the left ear. #need #parts #change

  9. My simplest systems are my more beautiful ones. I like how people stare at my explanations about my visuals. Indeed, remove and sharpen is much harder than adding and add glitters. It also takes more time to be ready to dare doing that.

  10. I need you, my followers and supporters for a special operation, now. Who's in?

  11. Marseille, capitale européenne du couteau.

  12. Drone machine for Max for Live and designed with Livid Code in mind... Done. Next, that analog like step sequencer.

  13. Live performance early September at Derry, Ireland. And invited at Culture Tech to talk about the future of sound and visual performances. If you knew who will be at the table with me... wow. More infos soon.

  14. building a #processing based #glitcher using the horror artifacts of 1000 JPG saves and other destructive format.

  15. Good morning lungs.

  16. I finally tracked that #grumpy #cat, and slaughtered it. Any donations accepted.

  17. only bandcamp? or all those big companies like itunes & more too ?

  18. editing/mastering a track. the first one of two, today.

  19. Tomorrow, I'll sketch 2 max for live devices for a great name of the hardware industry. Who could it be ? I can say about these devices. A drone machine and an old school step sequencer.

  20. Boring news in France. Very boring, second hand papers and stuff. French people are smarter than this, or not I don't know

  21. Bon il pète cet orage, ou cette pluie de fou, ou je sais pas quoi là ?! (remake de Benjamin, mais à Lucca, Italy)

  22. Livid Code brings me many ideas. I'd like to use them as pure hardware machine, controlling synth on the computer, but without looking at it. Only playing with those boxes. Controlling drones, scapes, sound shapes.

  23. On connaissait la quinte de toux, mais pas la quinte flush. #alice

  24. Yog Sothoth just called me, and say "Call Cthulhu" As if I should do that myself... Pffff. F'taghn.

  25. Good morning from my lungs.

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