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  1. 10K POT. w/ Push-Swith & RGB Shaft

    I'd be down for 20 of those post for some tinkering 
  2. One Voice in the Galaxy

    Nice work! I like how layered it sounds  Cheers! Johan
  3. Analogia

    Old-school and nice! The Strymons make everything sound less ProTools which can be a good thing ;) This summer is crazy busy, but it's nice to stop by and see that people still manage     
  4. Going Up

    Nice one! Greetings from Stockholm!
  5. core32 SID schematics

    There's nothing magic in the CEM3372. Some other CEM chips also support pole switching. Some, like the CEM3378/79 don't do it as easily. Better leave them for spares for the good old stuff like Chroma Polaris and such. If you want to see pole mixing done with readily available components you could take a look at the 4 Pole Mission Shruthi. The Ambika didn't realize a full version of that due to component count/cost, but it can certainly be done.
  6. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Nice work Andy! Where does the Alps Jog/Shuttle go for those of us who like to use one of those for scrubbing and MMC controller action? Can't lose either way, since the normal jog surrounded by switches seems like a nifty interface element, just wondering. Cheers, Johan
  7. mb_6582 fan - type

    Hint, the Tayda code is often posted in the DIY section at Muffwiggler if you're reluctant to enter the time sucking world of Facebook p. At the moment it's the same as a musky brand of electric vehicles named after a well known pioneer in AC electricity.
  8. How to check an uploaded hex file?

    I use IntelliJ a lot at work these days, as I *gasp* turned out to be an occasional Java hacker. It turns out that JetBrains has a similar IDE for C/C++ out - and it looks promising so far.
  9. phatline-jp8080 the last tweak

    Nice! JP-8080 is underrated by many. Think twice before selling yours. 
  10. Neutron Blender

    Evolver, eh? I've been looking at Sequential/DSi Stuff to go beyond the VS, maybe I should act on it? :)
  11. Dub Techno Jam

    Great jam! Always nice to hear some dub drops and SID Sounds  
  12. Neutron Blender

    Yay! Great music again! Dawless and nice. Nice to hear that you enjoy the JD-990, I guess I should take a look at a Dominion to even the score  The Polivoks filter addition was a nice touch to further warm up the digital pads!
  13. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    I think that the Cirklon (and the Nava 909 clone) are using Cherry Mx. Those are nice and it's easy to get keycaps in any size and color. Plus, you have lots of different switch types with different actions, plus the Gateron clones to pick and choose from. Anyway, you might want to avoid the more clicky variants.
  14. SID Fury

    Ooh, it has that old school vibe going :) Nice work!
  15. Top Soldering

    I just like the top soldering trick... Set your Spotify or similar to some nice playlist and work away  It saves me lots of time, then I'll just use my nifty Engineer nz-12 side cutters. If you visit the link, make sure to also get the nice nozzle tip solder sucker they sell. It's super handy!