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  1. Aah, quite the variety of modules. The first one is a GM5 USB to MIDI Interface. This board only has 1 pair of MIDI in/out, the jumper can be used to connect a further 4 MIDO io pairs. Then we have a pair of LPCxpresso boards for the 1st gen LPC1769 STM32 microcontroller. This is a variant of MBcore 32. You dock these to a baseboard and voilà. Then we have a Microchip dev board that’s not normally a part of the MIDIbox ecosystem. Followed by a Pic18F452 MBcore8 for older projects like MBsid, MBfm and the like. Last is an AoutNG - an 8-Channel 12-bit DAC board for analog outputs. This is mainly used for the generation of up to 8 CVs at 1V/oct. These can be unipolar or bipolar. Other scales are available in the MIDIbox software. These can drive analog VCOs, VCFs and such.
  2. jojjelito

    midiphy MatriX :)

    Oooh, it looks so high-tech!
  3. I need this in my life and studio. Can it play Conway’s game of Life as a screensaver?
  4. Just wanted to chime in with Hawkeye here. This looks like a really useful module! Of course as we all know - the risk with eurorack is modulitis - just need to add another O&C for utility functions, the new shine module from Mutable or 4ms or Make Noise or what have you...
  5. I was going to keep working on this on my end too, but demands from real life, work and family seriously got in the way. Plus, there’s always the risk of getting distracted by other geeky things near and dear... there’s always the risk of running into the next “ooh shiny” distraction. That said, it needs some thinking about the 45degree OLEDs - it’s not necessarily practical; having a base board for displays, LED rings and encoders plus keys would make life easier. Now that MIDIphy has standardized on keyswitches and LEDs it’s a given to look for something in that style. Also, I saw a game controller joystick hat in some rendering of the upcoming BLM... That would be a nice to have for vector synths, quick setting of time/level envelope points and what not. On the MIDI devices end a few difficult and rare synths have gotten editor support. The Ensoniq Fizmo has an editor and I expect to see something for the MR Rack soon-ish. Work is on-going for really odd and difficult things like the Technics WSA1. Everybody and his dog has made editors for the Alpha-Juno or Ensoniq ESQ, the cool thing would be the ability to support oddballs that are less represented. However, it’s way easier to prototype these things on a PC/Mac style platform first. Just controlling my MKS-50 or the Casio CZ-5000 or other synths with a more basic tone generator would make me happy. Shooting for the Kawai K5000 or the Yamaha FS1r isn’t as easy. Here’s hoping for something as well as more time to spend moving forwards!
  6. jojjelito

    midiphy MatriX :)

    This looks like a high-end controller with lots of bling potential. The joystick mushroom begs for a mapping to a couple of cc:s for my vector synths when it’s not used for menu stepping! Exciting stuff
  7. Snagged a kit, my old LEDs with a diffusing plastic spacer are too dim. Gotta give the old box some TLC! Wonder which synth to place it on, or it I have deskspace left after my Hyper-7 mechanical keyboard excess?
  8. Mmm, nice tune! It started a bit like some track by Ünn (Über Normalnull) the took off. Good work!
  9. Nice song and video! Typical that regulation kicks in as soon as something becomes mors mainstream. The free and exploring time is usually more fun, but safety has its own place. Hopefully it’s back to soldering this autumn, I need to service my synths and catch up on the backlog
  10. A single USB won’t give you that much wattage to play around with. Plus, the USB power itself can be assumed to be quite dirty if derived from a cheap switcher shared with computer components. Your best bet would be to derive multiple voltages from 9VDC, or even 9VAC if you need bipolar voltage and no fancy solution for -12V from +9VDC (inverter or DCDC converter), then use multiple 78xx or 79xx with the addition of a 78/79xx compatible switcher for the digital VCC and OLED VCC. The Preen FM2 OLED saga is described here: http://ixox.fr/forum/index.php?topic=69159.0 Basically, shielding works. Separate power will also help.
  11. Try to power the AINSER from a separate, dedicated PSU. Or try to power the display from it’s own PSU or regulator. Some older systems tried to keep these issues under control by providing VCC for digital stuff, well regulated V+- for analog electronics as well as AGND, plus a separate dirty DGND for digital, switching stuff. The Preen FM2 needs some care with shielding the OLED coil, or replacing it on the OLED PCB with a quieter model, that’s also worth investigating.
  12. Excellent video! Listening to it is very calming, it’s like an ASMR version of DIY
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