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  1. Here's some extra images of everything.
  2. Here's whats available (all bare PCBs come with the parts to build them):   3xcore (2 built, 1 bare) 6xDOUT (2 built, 2 bare, 2 resistors added) 4xAIN (2 built, 2 bare) 6xDIN (4 built, 2 bare) 2xLTC (bare)   28x Sparkfun button pads (x4 buttons on each) 6x Sparkfun thumb joysticks+boards 14x Knobs 14x Pots A number of orange LEDs Some custom made button boards with LEDs in the center of the buttons. There's three 2x4s and one 3x4(I have the pattern if you want it). 2xCNC'd aluminium cases (I can give you more info on these if interested, but they'll take approx a core, USB driver, IEC port with switch, 2xDOUTs, 2xAINs, 2xDINs etc)
  3. Sorry, reviving an old thread. These are all still available, I'd like to sell as one bundle if possible, pm me offers and I'll take the highest one. If no-one is interested in the lot by next weekend I'll start to split it up.   I thought I might get some free time to start up this project again, but man do kids take up your time!!!   Hopefully someone will be able to make something awesome from it!
  4. CNC Aluminium Enclosure

    From a project I never finished. 2x enclosures, cnc'd from a block of aluminium that were designed to take the boards you see in the photos, plus a USB driver (GM5) and Power Supply. Holes are the back are for fused IEC port (kettle lead) and USB.   You can have the perspex top if you want, but I'm sure someone will find use for the enclosure with a custom faceplate.   Open to offers.   Thanks Christian ( Location = Uk )        
  5. Sparkfun - Buttons, thumbsticks, knobs - UK

    Still up for sale. £45 inc p&p to EU or nearest offer.
  6. I never managed to finish my project and now after having a baby won't find the time to do it, so I'm selling the parts. To my knowledge all boards are in working order, however I will take refunds for any board that is not. I have 3 sets in total. One set is still packaged up and untouched.   Sent me a PM with an offer for anything you fancy or any questions.   Thanks Christian ( Location == Uk)                              
  7. Two Box Midi Controller

    You can see the circuit boards here:   Due to me having a newborn in the house I can't really make any new boards, but can provide you with the file I used.
  8. Two Box Midi Controller   You'll probably have to create your own board for 8x3 but the buttons cut up easy enough. I've got some 3x4 boards from this project.
  9. Two Box Midi Controller

    Which ones, the button boards? Cause it's all run of a MidiBox64. The button/pot boards I'd imagine would work fine as they're just simple circuits.
  10. Two Box Midi Controller

    Starting to split, so last chance if anyone is interested.
  11. I have a load of buttons, knobs and thumbsticks available.   Open to offers.  
  12. Two Box Midi Controller

    Make me a sensible offer and it's yours.
  13. Two Box Midi Controller

    I'm going to split this into components if no-one is interested in taking the whole project.
  14. Two Box Midi Controller

    I have an unfinished (yet all parts there) midibox for sale. The project can be viewed here:   I have two CNC'd boxes with faceplates, all the components and hardware to finish the boxes up.   Let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks Christian      
  15. Getting back on the PCB Horse