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  1. Tangerine Dream. Klaus Schulze. i don’t think they are complicated sequences. Just multiple sequences with different track lengths evolving within each other. The more the tracks the better as long as the synth voices will handle them.
  2. I want to use the synth mainly for TD sequences. KS, Berlin school.
  3. You just need to tell me which one will do 3 rows (tracks) of 8 to 16 steps.
  4. Mike, tell me if you put the MB6582 on the left, and the SeqV4 to the right, how much space do you need? I ask in order to look for a case, otherwise we have to make our own. I have a Juno 60 over here that i serviced and will look at the case to see if i can build something myself. Cyprus is too small to find help but i can try. Just please tell me the are MB6582 and the seqv4 will be taking in order to figure what size keybed i'll need. I mean the number of keys. Also you can PM how much you want for the MB6582 in a case and also the SeqV4 in a case. I don't want you to throw p
  5. Hi there! Thank you very much for your concern regarding my project. I think the Moog Source keyboard looks like an easy design to stick the MB6582 inside. It's 37 keys so i think a lot of space. I don't mind about the colour much. It can be black and if you can install your MB6582 inside as it is, I dont mind about the controls not being horizontal. The more controls i can have the better. I wish it would be easy to have one control for every function the having to dive into the menus for changes. I had Spectralis twice and sold it because i had to go through the menus all the
  6. Looking like a normal keyboard with 25 or 37 keys. I can prepay when you let me know the cost. Would prefer than using a keyboard controller.
  7. Hello! As in the tittle i'd like to buy a finished MB6582 with 8 SID chips. I'd be interested to know if it could be integrated also in a keyboard case. I mean if someone is capable of building a keyboard case with a keybed and make it a complete keyboard it would be awesome. Just an idea. Cheers Tio
  8. As in the title I've been looking for one for years! I would like a finished unit with 8 chips fully loaded with all features. I am in Europe so shoot me a PM if you want to sell yours. Thanks in advance. Tio
  9. tb303orys

    [S] mb6582

    next time you might wanna be little honest and try and reply to your emails. i spent all day emailing you about it but you had the other guy ready to buy so you didn't bother. i wonder what would happen in case something was wrong with the synth.................
  10. looking forward to buying a fully built MB-6582. i never got the chance to buy the parts for one. i live in Cyprus and it just seems impossible to get one sorted. obviously the creators know and i hope there's someone over here willing to sell his. thanks a lot guys. Tio
  11. looking forward to the complete spares list mate. it will help a lot of people.
  12. http://www.avishowtech.com/mbhp/buy.html is it the kit no.70 $119 ? is that complete?
  13. Thanks for the reply mate. You are giving me hope. Off to Google to find the SmashTV shop.
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