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  1. MIDIO128 V3 MIDI question

    This should be a quick one... maybe... I need a gate out signal from a DOUT pin. I don't suppose there's a way to configure a pin to go high on any note on event, not just a particular one. Much thanks.
  2. STM32F4 not recognized by computer

    After some googling and such, I'm almost 95% sure that the problem is that I might be using a "power only" USB cable.... because I'm an ID-10-T.... >.<   Edit: Yup, that was it... We're all good here. How are you?
  3. STM32F4 not recognized by computer

    I have updated the firmware to the latest on the STM website, still nothing. The board powers on and the LEDs blink in a manner suggesting that the bootloader is active, but the computer acts like nothing is connected to it. I am connecting via the CN1 USB connector.
  4. Hey all, I finally got a Discovery board and managed to get the MIOS bootloader installed on it, but when I flipped the board around after connecting PA9 to the 5V pin, nothing. The computer won't even recognize that anything is plugged in. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm running Windows 7 64 if that makes any difference.
  5. Midibox SID organ help

    Hey all, I've come across the problem of having a full-time job and money, but little time to devote to hobbies. I have a pair of 6581s and a pair of 6582s, three 4-octave keyboards, a crapload of cheap push buttons and a few rotary encoders. I really want to have a nob/switch/whatever for each parameter listed here: I know the first thing you're going to say is "you're insane!" and you might be right. Humour me though. Which and how many of the SmashTV boards should I get to accomplish my crazy goal? Should I just stick with the full control surface and the four SIDs and figure out some way to interface the keyboards? Should I have a separate midibox and SID chip for each keyboard and a sequencer and Midibox for the fourth? If my thought process sounds a little disjointed it's probably because of a long day at work. If I need to clarify anything, please ask. Thanks in advance.
  6. sammichSID Prototype

    Shiny, just let me know when to pay you :)
  7. sammichSID Prototype

    hmm... ok, I know I've been out of the loop for a bit (mostly because of computer troubles) but I sent in an email to be put on the waiting list back in November or December and I just saw the waiting list and I'm not on it... I don't really care when I get one, I just want one at some point. my pair of 6582s are getting lonely.
  8. sammichSID Prototype

    That looks awesome Thomas. I was wondering when you'd show up here. I'm pobably going to paint my case the way I painted my laptop when it gets here, but i have to wait until some time in January.
  9. MIOS Studio for Mac users

    Oi! don't mind me... I didn't realise that the thing didn't unstuff into the folder but onto my desktop a few icons away from the folder.... wow... such a noob...
  10. MIOS Studio for Mac users

    So, silly question... I downloaded the Mios Studio 9_4.jar folder and the instructions said to drag the .jar into my applications folder and double click to use after installing one of the Java/MIDI things.... where's the Mios Studio .jar file? all I have from the downloaded folder is a bunch of class files and a copyright file. -Ian
  11. sammichSID Prototype

    Hey, first post. I cracked open a weird box marked Mindseye 3000 or something like that yesterday and found two 6582As inside. And today I found the sammichSID. Talk about aligning stars.