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  1. Minimal Hardware

    Sounds like a really nice idea actually, was more thinking of using CCs and then maybe having a couple of buttons that are absolutely necessary for the Midibox to operate..almost like the Midibox sid minimal, more menues but nice with external controllers probably.
  2. Minimal Hardware

    Was thinking about this..what would the minimal hardware-interface for a Midibox seq be?..i see you can control most functions with keys from a keyboard..and was thinking maybe you could make a Midibox that could be controlled mostly from an external device since most people already have some kind of a controller with a play,record back and forward button that could be on the controller....and maybe if you have a keyboard you could just step record with that instead of twiddling with knobs if you like the TB-303 style sequencing more?..
  3. Not sure what to build

    Was very confused when i wrote that but now i understand better what the wilba board was, it replaces the DIN and DOUT boards if im not mistaken..right? And yeah now i think i know how i should connect everything pretty well and stuff..will probably wait for another bulk-order since im in no hurry..would rather be in a bulk-order than source encoders and such, since most other things you can get from the SMASH-kits..and a Case im thinking of a rack-case from Farnell, they look kinda nice actually..right now the only thing im finding troublesome is that many links for parts are dead, is there someone who can update the links maybe..or point me in the right direction for where to look? Anyone know what a Rotary Encoder is in swedish?, so i can look on elfa..having trouble finding what to search for but maybe someone here is swedish and knows.
  4. Elfa Bulk Order

    Now its like this, i have a friend who works at ELFA and that means...employeé discount! So was thinking of asking here if anyone knows if ELFA has most of the required parts for the MBSEQ v4 Wilba version and maybe make a small-midsize bulkorder together using this opportunity. Do anyone know here in sweden if they have most of the things needed? or would it only be for the electronics like the resistors and stuff this would be good?
  5. Not sure what to build

    Im torn between the Wilba and the standard V4.. mounting a wilba panel-pcb seems harder than doing the standard and also a bit confused at what modules the wilba-pcb is consisting of..also wondering if im really up for such an advanced build..i mean i understand how it should be done everything..and i think that if i just go about it steadily and read myself through step by step what to do i probably will be able to pull it off..or so i hope..anyone know how much the BULK-order for the wilba goes for? Any pointers to help me out? Very interested in the CV-aspects of the sequencer too..is that very advanced or is it just connect the Aout board and enable it in the firmware somehow..and then there is 2 gates..so im guessing they have a track for them..with Pitch for the both then 6 only CV-tracks..for..modulation of stuff.^^
  6. Sammich SID

    Oh, what a nice welcome. Thx for the Implementation-chart that was much needed.^^ Hmm, so its kinda like the Micro modular and the normal Nord modular..just fewer voices but no difference in the features.^^
  7. Sammich SID

    So can i program anything through midi on the Sammich?..like using a BCR-2000 or something and assign knobs to parameters and such or is that too advanced for this little fellow?..just fun to know..and if not..without such a thing how do i program it?..cant find a manual anywhere on the nets to help explain how much i can do with the little one..would be fun reading until i get further on the waiting-list.^^