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  1. I am wondering of there is a person out there that can custom make me a controler from scratch. This will involve program knowledge and will take months to build. This is a paying gig. Thank you O P.S. I might have double posted and I apologise
  2. Hello, Thank you for the replies and the advice. I found a great builder who has been very helpful and great to work with! Awesome community! All the best-
  3. Can you please point me in the right direction for one? Thank you!
  4. I bought most of the parts. Can I contract an experienced builder for the MB 6582? Thank you!
  5. Hey Snoozr thanks for the info. Im going to read up tonight on your suggestions! I havent received the kit yet so I am doing as much reading as possible;) ~oO
  6. Hi All I am thinking of buying Sid's off of Ebay.I was wondering if there was a list in the forum of ebay scammers that have bad SID's? Thanks! ~oO
  7. Awesome thank you no-fi and fuzzylizard for answering my questions! the build makes more sense to me now. ill order all the parts and in the meantime read the forums for more info. once i start the build im sure ill be posting like mad.) thanks again. ~ory
  8. I have extensive soldering experience only on guitar pedals though. I wanted to start with the sammichSID but I am high up there on the list so I am going to try my best at building the MB-6582. I am buying the Baseboard PCB ,MB-6582 CS PCB, and the MB-6582 Baseboard Parts Kit with the PIC 18F4685s. I have 4 sid chips on the way and a power supply from one of my old commodore 64's. Other than acquiring parts for the surface mount and the case am I good to go? Also does the circuit board have all of the part names? Any other suggestions would be really appreciated. i can tell this is going to be an adventure.) Thank You kindly, ~oO
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