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  1. hey, here's a joke for you.


    What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft? A: A flat minor.

  2. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Ok, now that was easier to understand :ahappy: One question. If I'd stick to 8 motor faders, could I still have 45 Encoders and 64 buttons all together? This because I really want to have the strip channel in front of me, and then a modifying button to then assign the same encoders to control the main send and returns, that would be labeled under the encoders... Like a "shift" button. Somth like this: (pink is encoders and yellow is buttons, plus the transport and modifiers)
  3. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Simple as that? Didn't I read that the LC wasn't a "simple" project?
  4. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    So, Ive been reading... So far, Alex's build just blows me off, for all the obvious reason. :frantics: I've looked at the limitations of the midibox. And there's one thing I'd like to know... Knowing the mackie control, it has these buttons where u can instantly assign the rotary encoders to either EQ, Plugin, Send, Instrument, etc. By having that I could save a lot of encoders, actually. Is it possible to have a common channel section (In/Compressor/Gate/EQ/Insert/Send) assignable to a selected channel, but then have a button to also use that section as a controller for Master SENDS and Returns? I'm trying to figure out a smart way to use the midi box for what I need without going too complicated...
  5. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Ok, Ignore the last questions. I found out where the answers were... You guys must get pissed when people ask you stupid questions... :blush: I know I would...
  6. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Yes, indeed. I did and still am reading all about the midibox 64. So tell me if I'm correct: it can have up to 64 pots or faders, but not 64 of each right? "Device IDs to address up to 8 boxes in a MIDI chain " means that I could hook up to midi boxes together? I mean could I do independent boxes under the same casing? Like expand it?
  7. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Well, I did not think of exact measurements yet... But I think I'd lay it out kinda like this... Bear in mind that I've simply cut and pasted the strip channel, but I'd have a transport panel on the right of the master fader, with all the necessary buttons like zoom, automation, undo, functions and different views, etc. I like the LED's around the knob showing the value of the parameter. And I guess I'd add LCD's to see the track names. Depending on the dimensions of the whole thing, It could have 8 fader or 16... Designing will be tricky because I dont want the knobs to be all over each other :wacko: So must be around the 64 encoders, plus faders, plus like 70 buttons... It's getting trickier every time I think about it.. :ermm: So if someone had some great design idea to actually improve the feel of it, let me know what on ur mind :shifty:
  8. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Humm.... I just wanna thank all of you guys for the fast input... I was taking a good look at this mixer you guys sent me and I think it was design in a really nice and smart way, to have the channel strip laying around horizontally... That would be a kind of design I'd take on, either 8 or 16 fader... Looks much more "doable" and realistic doesn't it? :blush: And this one really opened my eyes... Midi I'll do some more thinking I guess...
  9. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    Do you mean the mackie 32.8 or that digital one with touch screen? Well, mackie is pretty cool, I've worked with a 24.8 a few times. Nice sound. BUT, we did most of the stuff with external stuff, such as some warm TL Audio valve pre/compressor, we had some great outboard. But that is whole different thing: Analog... There's also analog 24 ch TOFT ATB series consoles, better then the mackies... The thing about the SSL (well, one of the things) is simply having dedicated dynamics to every channel plus the master bus compressor... The EQ sounds super sweet and they've been around for a while as a standard... Along with NEVE... Now, I'd go for a controller that could at least control the whole channel strip without having to open any windows or clicking... I also use pro tools and. a while ago, I've had the chance to try the control 24 and honestly I was a bit disappointed... Well, they have the Icon desk that is much like a SSL with full channel strip control, but thats all it does: control... Has no processors so basically you pay like 50 or 60 grand to have knobs and faders... Could there be easier ways? Mackie control and behringer are just not an option for me... Even if I'd lay it out side by side, I want to be able to control every parameter of the mixer without opening any windows or screens... And I understand your concerns and maybe I'm asking too much hehe. I'd go for a smaller unit like 8 faders as long as I could make it work nice...
  10. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    @ stuartm: That's really clever "Separate faders per channel but a common section for channel editing"... Then I'd probably live with 16 or even 8 faders plus a section where I could access the dynamics, EQ, inserts, returns, etc... How come I never thought of that??? :sweat: About buying the real thing... That 24 fader lil' monster sells at 100 grand. All worth it because it's pure analog, super preamps, EQ and Dynamics, plus has DAW integration... The bigger brother is all of that but the top of the line preamps, I mean, all included... For a modest price of 275 grand... Very worth it though... BUt I dont have that... Digital mixers? Well, I wanna use my own preamps, not the mixers... And the only mixers I kinda look at are the yamaha's 02 and DM2000, which go for 10 and 20 grand each... Me? I want a controller that could get me great "hands on" feel. I've seen somre very impressive builds, including Alex's... I was amazed... About the design and casework, I'd get it done right right and with graphics and all... I've been working with other midi controllers such as the M-audio projectmix... Well, is not as hands on as I wish, you still gotta click the mouse for many things... It does have faders, Pan, mute solo, rec arm... But still... @ ssp: If you can link me to your build, I'd love to see what you've been working on... Thannks
  11. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    @NILS: yeah, I see... What do you think? Is it doable to put a thing like this together or would I encounter several technical difficulties? If I would, and you would happen to know any, please share... :tongue:
  12. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    @NILS 8 to 15k, is that your estimate for a 24 fader version or 48? Being realistic I'd go for 24. 48 would be something for later maybe, depending on the outcome and the "feel" of the controller itself....
  13. I want to build a "console"-like controller

    I truly believe it will be something... both good and hard... :geek: For better understanding, adding audio to this would actually be BUILDING a console... hehe... No, I want it to be JUST a controller, nothing else. And I want this design because the software's mixer is based on these consoles, so I figure it would make a lot of sense to have full hands on control over it... Pots or enconders? I'd go for the ones that would work better, so probably encoders then... So before I get all excited with this, thinking about designing and stuff, I wanna be real about this. I'm no computer geek but I can get some help, and probably in the forum some guys that have been down this road before provide some good advices. Budget? I estimate a few grand... Would still be worth it, though. As long as it's possible, I'm down for it. Now, me designing a new way to make this happen, or new hardware... I'd need some help to know what to look for actually... So thanks for your input and feel free to tell me some more about this... Antonio
  14. Hi there... Well, this is a little more complicated that building guitar pedals or building a guitar, but this is ny far the most exciting project ever... But I need some advice... This is a single channel strip of the software plus the master fader. Well, my project is quite ambitious but, I believe, very doable... Well, something like this: or 24 faders (or even 48) + master fader, 33 pots per channel X 24 (or 48 channels), motorized faders, USB/midi interface? Lcd screens to monitor some parameters... Well, I'd love to discuss some things with someone who has built larger units and really kicks it up a notch every time... I'd like to discuss not only possibilities but also improvements and performance, so please hit me up... Thanks in advance...