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  1. A Quick Check of my Plans Please

    Hi There I built myself a 64 pot / 64 button / 32 LED Midibox 64 back in 2010 which is still working much to my suprise. Especially as I never fixed the PCBS into the case under the frontpanel! Anyway I bought some components back in 2013 for a new smaller project that I never got around too and I have a new tool I want to make and just wanted your advice given it seems various things have changed especially with the new MIOs 32 boards. Plan- A minimal 12 rotary encoder box. Not sure about LED feedback. Aim - a Logic EQ and strip volume controller as an assistant for mixing. QUESTIONS 1, Considering the fact I have all the components bar the encoders for the new project, am I really missing anything if I stick with the old board and components I already have (£100s worth)? I really dont fancy reordering and this is aprtly a way of using stuff up. 2, I never managed to get bank shifts working and can't find an explanation that solves that here. Can you clarify Ii one encoder (or many) has SPST switches, could I program the box so that pushing these changes the CC values to an alternate and thus one encoder (when the button was switched) could have 2 functions? So 4 encoders could each be both Gain and Q for their respective EQ points and if I push their button to through the switch they change mode? If the above is true I think I could do: A Make all encoder push switches have the same CC value so pushing one switch would change all 4 encoders to be Q values rather than gain. So pushing any of the switched will change the mode of all of the switches or B Make pushing 1 encoder's switch only change the bank for that single encoder. Any suggestions about improvements I could make? I just thought all the knowledge here might flag if I am missing something obvious. I might build in LED feedback if I can get it to work. Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought these parts to make another Midibox in 2012 but I just don't have the time to take on another build. Box is unopened from original delivery from Smash TV, so all parts assumed to be inside, beautifully wrapped and totally as new. I was planning a smallish Midibox and with a few more AIN's / DIN's you could expand.   Cost me $99 - £64 to get to the UK plus VAT on arrival Total = £74   Happy to post wherever but probably most useful for a UK user. Call it £45? plus postage?   Let me know at toby (at) - or make an offer.    Ill post it out from UK for you.   Cheers   Toby   -------------------------------------------   SEE -   1 x CORE KIT, OP1=With PIC18F452 9.95, OP2=0000 0000 0000 0000, OP3=With   PANEL_skts 2.00, SHP=United Kingdom-Airmail    #id02    1 x DIN KIT   #id06    1 x AIN KIT   #id04    6 x 10pinIDC_Connector   #id33    5 x 10pRibbonCable   #id34    5 x 5pSILConnector   #id28 
  3. Hi - I have searched for answers on this but can't find anything definitive. Can you update me on the state of play with the Core 32 - it looks like it would be much much better to have in a midibox 64, is it compatible, and if so is that pending a rewrite of the software?? (Sadly I have no programming knowledge so I can't be any help updating software) Out of interest if in theory the new core did work with the midibox 64 does that substantially increase the number of pots one can put on the core. Is anyone working on this software update at the mo (I know TK has much to do) - I cant reciprocate in programming skills sadly, but if I can help another way I will. So basicvally should I build with the new or the old?? Cheers
  4. Should I get a Core 32 or the old one????

    Thanks Julian - I was more the added physical fucntionality that I was really after as from what I coudl undesratnd it looked like the Core 32 would be able to take more AINS? as from the diagram I saw it looked like it could take up to 96 inputs on the one core Thanks for the advice though I think you are right and dont want to be left with a controller that I can't use. I guess I could then in future just update the core and leave the rest in place. Cheers
  5. Should I get a Core 32 or the old one????

    I already built a 64 with the old core, so I would like this to be a step up. I dont really edit on the box, although would like to in future. I just used Serge's midibox editor program last time and never edit on the box. I take it this wouldnt work with the 32? If so would I have to get involved in the sysex stuff? I know time and workload is an issue, but are there plans to update the software for the 64 or will it be left as is? My feeling is to go with thte 32 and hope by the time I complete there is some progress - otherwise I guess I would then have to learn it. Thanks
  6. Hi All, 3 years ago I build a midibox 64, its been great but it was my first project, I am amazed it still works after how badly I soldered it and I didnt secure the PCBS. Anyway I now need to build an upgrade one that is tour ready and reliable and I would love your advise please on some of the details I got wrong PLAN - itsl be a 64 pot, 48 button plan with 8 strips and an aux area. Each strip will have 1 fader, 5 pots and 4 buttons with additional pots lined up on the right. I havent yet done plot but I know it in my mind. It will not have any LEDS but I may back light it PREVIOUS MISTAKES - Last time I had panel mounting pots and faders and then made handmade pcbs for the buttons (bad ones) - drawing and etching with a kit. My biggest mistake was I didnt really understand the principle of connects so I hand solder every wire onto the connectors on the AINS and DINS. so stupid. This time I want to use pcbs (i think) instead. the downside is the worry that the pcb doesnt align with my frontpanel. The upside is the stability and reliability of wiring - so here come the questions QUESTIONS TO ANSWER PLEASE 1, Should I use pcbs to mount the pots - my main issue is wiring all the + and - wires 2, If I do use pcbs should I design one per strip (skipping the faders) and then route all the connects that need to go to ains and dins to pin headers where I can then connect? or shoudl i aim for the top and try and build one mega pcb for the components (i plan to use smash's pcbs for the main parts) 3. I was going to mount the pcbs beneath the frontpanel in parallel - i see bcbox mounted everything perpendicular - is that a better idea - what would you do? 4, if I mount pin headers on my pcbs and use the ones that come with smash boards then I am hoping I can use connectors to easily hook up the two - does this work well and will i need to make up the cables. Thanks in advance for your help - i know for some these are ridiculous questions but I have searched alot and really need people who know betters opinions. Thanks in advance Toby
  7. Midibox 64 - planning questions, your help please??

    Thanks for this - very helpful. I ahve two possible plans at the moment. Both involve buying the faceplate in aluminium from schaeffer. This worked so well last time and I dont have the tools or skills to do it anywhere near as pro. However my worry is planning the pcbs designing those and mounting all components on the pcb and then getting that to align exactly with the fronpanel. With due time put in on CAD and the design i should manage this - however RE PCB BUILD- Should I.... 1 - build my own giant pcb to cover all 8 strips excluding faders? PROS - I get one PCB to mount all components reducing the cabling CONS - it would be very big and potentially slower, and the main probblem would be drilling the holes precisely on a large board. or 2 - design a standard pcb for one strip or maybe two and then buy duplicated from pcb pool? PROS - get exactly what i need CONS - cost and the fact i themn have to mount 8 boards I am inclined to go with number 2. Whilst this is DIY it needs to have no weak points and Im building it to last. My skills arent great and time is an issue PCB DESIGN - i need to link the 2 fixed points on each pot together to minimise wiring. I have tried drawing out pcbs and i find if I have more than one strip of 5 pots each next to each other then I need to have a 2 side pcb. Is this right? Do I therefore need 2 sides so the top can deal with the + and - pins and the underside can take all connects to one pin header. Thanks again