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  1. Did I brokeded the WIKI??

    Thanks for neatening it up a bit, Admin. I intend on finishing but I am overseas for the next week or so. :thumbsup:
  2. Did I brokeded the WIKI??

    Hmmm... Interesting. I'm getting this: "Backlinks This is a list of pages that seem to link back to the current page. Nothing was found." Just to check we are clicking the same link. If you go "Forum_highlights" then "MIDIBOX HUIs" where it lists a bunch of links to threads and completed projects. When you are on this page, if you click the "forum_highlights_huis" link above the "show pagesource" button in the top left of screen it says something different for you? It isn't the end of the world... I'd just hate to be doing it all wrong. You know. Worth doing... doing right... yadda yadda. :frantics: :D
  3. Did I brokeded the WIKI??

    I've been reworking the forum highlights section ( I've broken it down into a page-per-project setup. Should be easy to find where you need to go. But! The backlinks are boned on the new pages I made. When you click on the very top links (IE: forum_highlights_huis) it should return you back to wherever it is originally linked from. What is causing it not to work?
  4. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    Wicked. I'll be happy to. :thumbsup:
  5. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    Eeeeep! I wasn't aware my question was so stupid. It is easy to see that the biggest advantage of MIOS is how customizable it is. Like anything programming and electronics based, there are probably 100 ways to achieve the same result. I suspect this is why it is so hard to find the appropriate information... hence my original question. I did actually spend considerable time searching the forums prior to even registering to post this thread but to me it seems logical to find out how other people have approached the same project. The information is here... but it isn't particularly easy to find. If it is causing such a problem, nILS, why not create META threads with a directory like they have at GroupDIY? There could be a thread for "MMC STYLE TRANSPORTS" through to something as generic as "COMPONENTS". Inside people can just post a link to the appropriate threads on the forums. At least this way people can find the information quickly without having to sift through potentially 100's of threads to find any relevant information at all. Take a look at it: Just a thought. I am quite happy to compile all the threads I have found relevant to the project I am embarking on. I suspect you have enough intelligent resident forumites that will be happy to place relevant links in relevant metas as well.
  6. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    Pondering on this some more. Is MMC actually the best way to go about it? Why not just use the midibox LC software already provided and just reconfigure the I/O tables for one core, one DINx4 and one DOUT for illuminated transport buttons and a jog wheel? It could even include the time code display with little addition.
  7. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    Did you have any luck getting the shuttle function to work?
  8. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    This forum is whack. :frantics: So I'm searching for the term I need to use to search? Sounds like a bunch of rhetoric. Like telling a guy who asks if you know a shop that sells maps to "find a map". :D
  9. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    I appreciate the replies, but searching for a term that I didn't even know existed in this context is a bit of a stretch. :wink:
  10. Simple Transport controller for Ableton/logic/protools?

    Gracias, kind sir. That is quite a box! I like it. I don't suppose you could pass along the software for it? I am pretty unfamiliar with midibox software. How embedded are the defined controller ids? For example, in LC_IO_TABLES.INC there are the list of button and LED assignments with their respective shift registers and defined hex values. For the hash-defined parameters #define ID_REC_RDY_CHN1 through to #define ID_REC_RDY_CHN8, would it be possible to extend this to #define ID_REC_RDY_CHN24? Provided of course, that I cull a bunch of unused parameters to free up their hex values.
  11. Hey Guys, I have just recently rebuilt my entire studio with some high quality gear and an lovely Amek analogue console. The biggest problem I have now is being stuck with a damn mouse!! Once the music is tracked and it is mix time, the computer just acts as a glorified tape machine so transport control through a few buttons would be excellent! Will the Midibox LC work as a good basis for a transport? What format are the control messages in exactly? MMC? MTC? Looking at some of the wiring diagrams, I could get away with one core and one DINx4 module (the 3 from the left in the LC wiring diagram) for the usual stop/play/ Rew/ffwd/Rec buttons plus another two digital ins for a jog wheel?? Perhaps there is another way to do it?