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  1. 64E Desk Controller Bankstick Help

    Sorry, to be more specific.. Im not sure about how to use the channel strip over to the right of the controller. What i've seen people suggest is to use bank sticks and have a bank to save the knob settings for each channel. If i was to do this each bank would need to hold the settings for 27 encoders and 5 buttons. I am a bit confused as to weather this is possible to do 12 times. Am i right in thinking that 128 virtual pots is the maximum amount possible? so if i have my 60 discrete knobs over the 12 channels + (12 x 32) that comes to way more than 128 virtual pots. The information i've seen seems to contradict its self, or maybe im understanding it wrong?
  2. 64E Desk Controller Bankstick Help

    Hello everyone This is my first post on here but I've been reading the site for some months. I know you get asked a lot of the same basic questions so sorry if I touch on any of them (I've read everything I can find a few times over). I just want to have a final check before I start buying parts. I want to make a controller for Cubase, I've looked at the LC but I don't think its quite what I want. I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise but I think this is more for motor faders etc. I'm coming to the controller idea from doing live dub mixes on an analogue desk. This is basically playing the desk throughout the track, muting, sending to FX, eq sweeps, feedback loops etc.. Because I want to control multiple knobs at once I want to have a section of discrete controls (12 channels of pots and none motorised faders) and then a full channel strip of encoders selected by channel select (or bank select) buttons. I've not properly designed the front panel yet because I want to work out PCB sizes first but I've attached a very rough design done on paint I want the controller to have: 48 x rotary pots 12 x fader pots 27 x rotary encoders 24 x LED tact switches 40 x standard tact switches Possibly some more LEDs So for that I'll need: 1 x Core Module 1 x Core Chip 2 x AINX4 4 x DINX4 1 x DOUTX4 or 2 if I go over 32 LEDs I just wanted to check that everything is in order and looks right, if there's any problems that you think i may run into or if there are any better ways of doing things than what I've listed. Thanks for your time! :D