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  1. MIDI / USB Controller based on FL Studo's 3xOSC

    Oh nice! thank you! So I could build it, it's a good new! For MB64, can I use 8 bits PIC based Core or should I use 32 bits Core based on STM32? Are rotary encoders compatible with MB64 or only potentiometers? Thank you very much for your precious help :smile:
  2. MIDI / USB Controller based on FL Studo's 3xOSC

    I'm sorry, not faders but potentiometers (technically it's the same thing :whistle: ) But xOSC isn't as easier as it looks like, on the video you can see only 2 or 3 "widows" but in reality there are 12 "windows", look at the attached pictures (Functions 3xOSC, Potentiometer 3xOSC and Legend) Because the problem is if I use only 20 potentiometers (exemple), if I turn Volume or another function on the same window at 70%, if I go to another window and I turn the same potentiometer to 25%, when I return on the first window, volume will be 25% and not 70% because the resistor value has changed, so I have not other choice that using 1 pot => 1 function... Perhaps rotary encoders will work, I don't know...
  3. Hello everybody! I'm new on this forum so excuse me if it's not in the good section :wacko: I need your help: I want to build an Hardware controller for the and I looked at for any MIDIbox, but I was lost, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for... I need more than 120 faders (120 analog channels) AND more than 100 switches ("push") (I don't need the keyboard that you can see at the bottom of the instrument). The output can be USB or/and MIDI, but I didn't find what I'll need as Core and appropriate expansion... Thank you very much! :wink: PS: As you can notice my English is bad, but excuse me, I'm a French student :tongue: