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  1. ACSensorizer Questions

    Hi, thanks again for your help,   I get "pgm read/write error" so the buttons definitely work, eeprom wiring is A0, works in other app, tried brand new blank eeprom also. The last idea is to test Microchip's eeprom instead of Atmel's, need to get first.   best Pawel
  2. ACSensorizer Questions

    Thanks,   saving presets still not working, tried blank new EEPROM, set to A0 from the start, no luck and out of ideas. Maybe I should try the Microchip EEPROM, no Atmel? Just to be sure, in AC you save preset while in 1st menu (BNK|PRG), right? The other strange thing is that my display instead of the separating sign '|" shows small '12' upperscript, doesn't seem to affect performance, but still interesting.   Nice idea to use schottky diodes as a voltage clamp for AC input from modular, I'll give it a try when I sort out the EEPROM thing, hopefully.   best Pawel
  3. ACSensorizer Questions

    Many thanks guys for detailed troubleshooting path, that's very kind of you. I'll try my best to make use of it this week and let you know, do remember scratching my head with DIN pins layout though, and yes, a lot can go wrong here, and I admit that setting up the compiling environment and compiling the code brings my IQ to its very limits :smile:   edit: It's getting better! I uploaded Sneakthief's AC5.0 hex and got some response from the first two encoders, finally it's alive a bit, thanks!! My wiring was ok, encoders are indeed of different type, skipping values a bit, hope to fix it when I manage to compile myself. Now need to wire remaining two encoders the same way.   edit #2: It's almost perfect! Sneakthief's AC5.0 folder compiles flawlessly in my environment, for some reason with SVN rep it didn't. Encoders are working, a bit unstable, but fully usable, changed model to 'black" and SRIO_UPDATE_FRQ to 2ms, and it's better. Now finally off to box making, phew.   The only thing left - I can't store patches (LCD > 'PRG write/read error'). Memory chip works fine in MIDI-CV app, it formats and stores patches there correctly. So my question is: does the AC need different type of chip/configuration to store patches? I use single atmel 24C256 eeprom.   I took a big leap in one day thanks to you guys!   best Pawel
  4. ACSensorizer Questions

    Thanks Michael for your prompt response,   I tried already different enc_type settings to no avail, the only response I get on the LCD is "PANIC!" message from striking one button (the buttons seems to be out also, usually bad enc settings results in bad enc performance, here I get no reaction at all), otherwise the app seems running (input bars moving randomly). It also compiles fine using SVG repository and AC0.5. I get errors only using additional file as suggested by Sneakthief in previous (14 Feb) post. OK, maybe fresh attitude needed, first I check MIOS 1.9f (where can I get it?, only g version seems to be online).   thanks a lot, still if anyone could send me AC Sensorizer 0.5 hex or sysex compiled for 1.9g I'd be glad :)   cheers pawel
  5. ACSensorizer Questions

    Hi, first post ever here. Audiocommander, many thanks hanks for developing the AC Sensorizer! I'm really stuck this time, lost many hours already. Similar story here, AC Sensorizer @1.9g, built from scratch, encoders not working, hardware works with other apps, triple checked the DIN-Encoders part. With Sneakthief solution I hoped for a breakthrough, but nope, without his makefile mod I can compile ACSensorizer0.5 hex without errors, but encoders still don't work. With mod I get compiler errors concerning invalid paths it seems, I'm not that clever, but fighting AC since last September. C:\ac>SET PATH=C:\MSYS\1.0\bin;%programfiles%\gputils\bin;%programfiles%\SDCC\bin;%PATH% C:\ac>make Makefile.orig:33: include/makefile/common.mk: No such file or directory Makefile.orig:36: modules/app_lcd/dummy/app_lcd.mk: No such file or directory Makefile.orig:37: modules/iic_eeprom8/iic_eeprom8.mk: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target `modules/iic_eeprom8/iic_eeprom8.mk'.  Stop. I successfully built midi-cv before using the same method, so I guess my compilation environment works, I'm able to proof check the hardware also, as far as I can tell.   I'm using SVN repository and win7   OK, the simplest question I hope, could any of you guys (Elektruck?) send me working 1.9g AC 0.5 hex file? I really need a small step up, I'm losing it :smile:   best Pawel
  6. I know it's pretty old PIC platform, but perfectly useful and cheap (beside MAX525). Thanks to all you guys here for publishing your knowledge!