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  1. My First DIY MIDI Controller

    Thanks for replys lads :) How? jus draw a picture of what im thinking of building in paint? and then upload
  2. My First DIY MIDI Controller

    Hi, been reading up on diy midi controllers for the past week and ive decided to give it a crack. Im a DJ and want to build a dj style midi mixer for my torq dj software. Is there a limit on inputs? or can i use a few midiboxs and link them? Can i have more than one ''brain''? Ive designed my mixer and i will need: - 201 Buttons - 39 knobs - 5 faders - 5 rotary encoders (endless pots) - Headphone jack?? Is this doable? What do i need to get me started beside the obviouse (wire, soldering iron,etc,etc) Many thanks. scott