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  1. Midibox64 Questions

    i read many posts in this forum and had a closer look at the midibox wikipages, but since nobody seems to build the vintage style sequencer anymore its hard to find similar projects. concerning the midicontroller part of the box, things are clear. but when it comes to the sequencer part, i still need to know some things: since thorsten wrote (in seqv3 history) that the PIC18F4620 microcontroller is hardware compatible to the PIC18F452, can i use this pic with the mb64 and would i benefit from it? the mb64 hardware has a memory for 1 song*16parts*8patterns right? could anybody please have a look at the layout i attached an give me some advice in case i missed something? of course i cannot use all the menu shortcuts since the box will be tiny and i want to use lots of pots and leds. the menu shortcuts are PATTERN, SONG, MUTE. to controll the menu i will use an encoder and 2 buttons (ENTER, SNAPSHOT) since i "only" have 48 pots i`ll only make use of 3 tracks and bind track 1 to the pushbuttons at the buttom. if you have any suggestions, please let me know! regards, mark
  2. Midibox64 Questions

    @rosch: thanks for posting the dimensions (now i have an idea of how much space i need) and the helpfull links. @janis: thats great news. the way i see it, is that both boxes (64/64E) should support rotary encoder(s) and pots. so i`ll stick with the Midibox64 and can use 1 encoder to controll the menu... Thx for your informations!
  3. Midibox64 Questions

    @stuartm: 1. i attached a picture of the box 2. i have addtional gear like an access virus so running as a sequencer and midicontroller would make sense (6 additional knobs for control sound) 3. the encoder is not needed but at least 1 for controlling the menu would be nice. i saw this on the internet: (he uses normal pots and encoders) 4. have you got the hight dimensions of the ready to build-in boards? @Flemming: thanks for welcoming me so friendly! that`s nearly exactly what i want: (of course i dont have a built-in soundgenerator so i`d like to send 6 controllchanges via midi-out) and i`d like to be able to "switch" to midi-controller only mode (as you said) via softwarechange in order to control my plugin (see attachment) a or anything else. Originally i wanted a more complex solution (see attachment) but since this will be my first midibox project, i wanted to keep it relativly simple. refering to 64E: i`ll ask it this way: does the midibox64E support normal rotary pots? cheers thanks for your quick answers!
  4. Midibox64 Questions

    thanks for yous answers but before i go on, could you please tell me how to delete topics/threads? i have opened a new one and dont want to dubblepost. thx
  5. Midibox64 Questions

    Hi folks! While searching for MIDI-controllerboxes on the internet i came accross the Midibox project. Now i`d like to build a Midibox that can be used as a midi controller and/or a sequencer. But there are still some questions unanswered. If one or more questions already have been asked in this forum, please forgive me. 1. Is there still the possibility that MIDIbox64 can operate as a sequencer with alternative firmware/software? If so, what firm/software and with what PIC should i use? 2. Do encoders work with the MIDIbox64 hard/software? (I know that the specifications say NO, but I think I have already seen such a box) 3. Does anyone have a tip about cheap pots shipped within germany? (6mm shaft, 12-15mm shaft length, serrated, front panel) 4. Does the LCD display have to be HD47780-compatible or what do I have to be carefull about the specifications/data sheets? 5. Can anyone recommend small, cheap, FLAT push buttons (menu control) for front panel mounting? (The cheap miniature push button are just to "high") 6. Does anyone have the (approximate) dimensions of the basic platines (Core, DIN, AIN, etc.)? What I have so far is a small housing (LWH 16x34x3,5 - 6,5 mm), which I've made of a side panel of a computer and some xy-wood. What I`d like to have is a MIDI controller and/or sequencer like this: 1 row x16 push buttons (for mute/step) with moving light/mute display 3 rows x 16 knobs 6 extra knob for sound control 3 small push buttons for Play / Stop / Reset 3 small push button for menu control 1 small push button for snapshot function Midi In and Out leds These items are on my virtual shop list: MIDIbox64 the kit from Mike: PIC18F452 Mike (programmed) pots: knobs: pushbutton big : pushbutton small : leds with reflector: display (I'd like a blue one): Are these items what i need? Hope you can help me. regards. cu
  6. Anfängerfragen Midibox(64)

    Hallo Leute! Ich bin auf der Suche nach Midi-Controll-Boxen auf das Midibox-Projekt gestoßen. Jetzt möchte ich eine Midibox bauen, die als Midicontroller und als Sequenzer verwendet werden kann. Da sind nun aber noch einige Fragen offen. Falls eine oder mehrere Fragen so oder so ähnlich schon im Forum aufgetaucht sein sollten, sehts mir bitte nach. 1. Gibt es nach wie vor die Möglichkeit die Midibox64 mit alternativer Firm/Software als Sequenzer zu betreiben? Wenn ja, welche und mit welchem PIC. 2. Kann ich zur Menusteuerung mit Endlosregler(n) arbeiten mit der Midibox64 Hardware? (Ich weiss, dass die Spezifikationen NEIN sagen, aber ich meine, schon so eine Box gesehen zu haben) 3. Hat jemand einen Tipp bezüglich günstiger Drehpotentiometer aus Deutschland? (6mm Achse, 12mm Welle (gezahnt), Frontpanel) 4. Müssen die LCD-Displays HD47780-kompatibel sein oder auf was muss ich bezüglich der Spezifikationen in den Datenblättern achten? 5. Kann jemand kleine, günstige, FLACHE Drucktaster(Menusteuerung) für die Frontpanel-Montage empfehlen? (Die billig Miniatur-taster ragen mir zu weit aus der Frontplatte) 6. Hat jemand vielleicht die (ungefähren) Abmaße der Basisplatinen (Core, DIN, AIN usw.)? Was ich bisher habe ist ein kleines Gehäuse (LBH 34x16x3,5-6,5 mm), was ich mir aus einem Computergehäuse-Seitenteil und etwas Buchen XY-Holz gebastelt habe. Was ich gerne hätte ist ein Midi-Controller und/oder Sequenzer im Stiel der Doepfer-Geräte mit folgender Ausstattung: 1 Reihe x16 Drucktaster (für Step oder Mute) mit Lauflicht- bzw. Muteanzeige 3 Reihen x 16 Drehregler 6 Extra Drehregler für Klangsteuerung 3 kleine Drucktaster für Play/Stop/Reset 3 kleine Drucktaster für die Menusteuerung 1 kleiner Drucktaster für Snapshot-Funktion Midi Anzeige für In und Out Ich hab bisher folgende Teile in meiner virtuellen Shop-Liste: Den Midibox64 Bausatz von Mike: PIC18F452 von Mike (programmiert) Potentiometer: Knöpfe: Drucktaster (Schließer): Mini-Drucktaster (Schließer, Scheiße s.o.): LEDs mit Reflektor: Display (hätte ich gerne ein blaues): Über Antworten und Tipps würde ich mich sehr freuen.