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  1. Midi remote volume controller

    Thanks all for the input. I think I'm settled on going with Tom Scarff's Miduino midi-CV option. An added advantage for me is that I can play with the Arduino code myself to enhance the midi-out send, as Tom also is happy to supply the source code. I also have a need to add some midi channel multiplexing logic to allow the FCB-1010 expression pedals to control synth volume (or other effects) over multiple channels simultaneously. That will allow me to make the most of the Axon AX100 string splitting capability (ie. separate channel for each bass string) coupled with driving an external synth (the Roland XV-2020). While I'm at it (tinkering with code), I may also add a reverse volume capability/option, so that instead of simultaneous fade & swell of synth & raw bass signals, I can instead also operate the 2 expression pedals in unison to fade out one signal while fading in the other. Sounds like it'll be fun :-) Peter
  2. Midi remote volume controller

    Lyle, Tom actually said he would supply a completed version of this kit modified to generate a CV of 0-5V corresponding to the full CC range of the midi expression pedal. He said it also needs a VCA and suggested this ( as one possibility. It's just a PCB & parts list, which is hopefully relatively inexpensive to fit out. On another forum this ( was offered as a possible solution. It offers 24 outputs as either logic or servo/PWM for a similar price to the offered Miduino CV kit, so it looks like good value. However, I've no idea about converting a pulse signal into a CV, nor do I really need 24 options to choose from - but it could come in handy to have that flexibility available... If you have an alternative solution to offer for the VCA I've been shown, please contact me :-) PS. I really know nothing about electronics, besides being able to solder & whatever I've picked up on a few forums just these past few weeks. So all help willingly received. Peter Sharp Ballarat Australia
  3. Midi remote volume controller

    Good news: I sent a query to Tom Scarff about Miduino kits, and his reply was that this kit ( can be easily adapted to control audio volume :-) Peter
  4. Midi remote volume controller

    Thanks Jim, I don't have access to an organ for scavenging parts, but I guess it's an option. My situation is I have 2 signals from my bass guitar - the raw signal and a midi-fied signal driving a Roland XV-2020 synth. The goal I'm trying to achieve is to be able to operate the FCB-1010's two adjacent expression pedals to control the volume of each signal path either independently or in unison with one foot. The synth chain responds nicely to volume (CC7) commands from the FCB=1010, & I'd like to achieve the same with the raw analog signal using the 2nd expression pedal. Yes, the expression pedals generate CC commands of whatever type it's programmed to send. I'll have to explore the MidiBox forums to see what's available. Peter
  5. Midi remote volume controller

    G'day, I was directed here from another forum ( A quick look around tells me I'm way out of my depth as a noob to midi, so I'm bound to mess up terminology & any & all assistance is welcome! A search for "remote volume" yielded 1 hit utilising a Midibox CV and I don't know if that's the only solution, nor where to start. Basically I would like to utilise one of an FCB-1010's expression pedals to remotely control volume of an analog signal. I would be hoping for a compact solution that needs at least a midi-in, audio in & out (both 1/4"). A nice to have would be some method of selecting the midi channel in which to receive the continuous controller input. One solution exists here (, but I don't have €198 to throw at this solution. Peter Sharp Ballarat Australia