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  1. start of first project by newbie

    thank's Imp! I,ll have a look !!!!!
  2. start of first project by newbie

    think i need a break of's all mix up in my head.... were to start understanding the programming? c, asm mios.... :frantics:
  3. start of first project by newbie

    in fact, i wonder wich of the pic18f4620 or the LPC17 should be easier for a person like me who never (almost) program.....? suggestion?
  4. start of first project by newbie

    i think a core8 with pic18f4620 should do the job very well....
  5. start of first project by newbie

    after searching and reading again.... i found out (if i'm not mistaking), THAT: - MIDIO128, Midibox64, ect... are complete "project" to build or modify.... - you can choose whatever core you want... keep searching....
  6. Ok, first of all.... Hello everybody !!!!! :wink: I'm new, and this is my first topic... :baby: dont know if i post at the right place? My background; - build a lot of DIY stuff, got almost every tool's need, can read and create schematic, design and build pcb, ect... - My only experience in programming was 5 years ago, create a little web page, and a little game of memory,i think in C or C++ ( stuff like IF...ELSE) but everything is way back .... What bring me here: - Need's for MIDI controller - Thrill of learning programming so i can really DIY my stuff like i want it.... :devil: My project; - Simple ( i think, and hope :D ) - i need a MIDI controller that will on/off relays, in respond of Program Change (PC) and Control Change (CC) received from a master controller... - the controller will drive NPN transistor for switching state of the relays - can save the configuration for recall, exemple: PC#113 relay1=on, relay2=off, relay3=on, relay4=on, relay5=off, ect.... - i can turn on/off each relays with a spst switch ( on the box) , and CC# ( send from a master controller). - save the new configuration for recall. saving feature... - GLCD (or LCD if a GLCD is too hard) for display the PC# in use, and menu feature ( editing the CC# for each relays), - maybe new option will be had, as i build the unit.... So after, reading, reading, and reading....I think, the best would be to use something like the MIDI64 or MIDIO128 (since digital ouput can drive NPN transistor)..and i will need few switch for the menu option, and a switch for every relay, so if i need more i just add extra board... Where i'm getting lost: - the CORE....i dont understand how to choose this part.... :frantics: - PIC (PIC16, PIC18 ), STM32, LPC17, CORE8, CORE32, ouch!..... :w00t: Probably, some would say- take this one.... but i would like to understanding why ?