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  1. concept for my controller, extremely new at this

    so i would be able to do this with just a midibox64e instead of the recommendation to build a mbseq? i read something that said something along the lines of being able to achieve the scrolling effect by sending "midi out to the buttons" ? i dont really understand that all that much just yet, but would that be one way of going about it?
  2. concept for my controller, extremely new at this

    exactly the kind of guidance im looking for! thank you! and no im not a programmer either, COMPLETELY new to every aspect of this besides using a midi controller lol. @findbuddha awesome links, bookmarked, thank you! i dont know how to technically explain what i mean with the LEDs, but if you see in this video (monome) http://vimeo.com/3072632 the top row scrolls in time with the song, thats what im trying figure out how to implement something like that
  3. concept for my controller, extremely new at this

    i agree theres tons of info lying around this place, im already overloaded after reading through just a few wiki entries and forum posts lol i definitely have my design planned out tho and im pretty set in stone about it unless there would be some kind of constructing problem where it wouldnt work/fit right. i just want to make sure im grabbing all the right pieces/parts because it would be some slap in the balls if i ordered all the wrong stuff :laugh:
  4. first post for me, so hello everybody! my name is michael and ive just stumbled on to this site after an inspiring thought to try to build a controller to my liking and needs (like everyone else here i suppose? lol) like the title says, i am EXTREMELY new to this so if any of you could share some widsom with me it would greatly be appreciated! but, lets get down to business. ive done lots of reading so far and i can imagine i have much more left to see simply because 95% of what ive read so far has gone right over my head. im not asking for someone to hold my hand and make this for me, i just need to know im going about it the right way. my main purpose for building this would be for my music production and my partners live playing (hence the need for the sequencer type buttons on the bottom) this is my "basic" design,12 knobs on top, 8 sliders to the right, 32 buttons on the bottom. SO, if ive learned anything from what ive been reading i would need: Core32 Module PCB With IC x1 AIN Module PCB x1 DIN Module PCB x1 and then of course the actual knobs, buttons, slider pieces, and the casing. here lies the problem, surely thats not everything i would need to put this thing together? and the other thing i wanted to do was have LED-lit buttons. do they make buttons like that or would you have to place a seperate LED to light up the button? (i want to have transparent rubber buttons) ALSO, ideally, the LED's for the buttons would scroll in time with the bpm of my sequencer. is that possible? or am i trying to make something that isnt a midibox64? here i also have my "ideal" set up with 32 more buttons across the bottom Click for picture if i went ahead with this design, i would just need another DIN module right? and any other things ive missed in my previous attempt of figuring out the necessities. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you all for your time Michael