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  1. Midibox JOG, a new project

    Thanks for the info guys! I drew up the schematics for the basic controls, and I'll be making a PCB design to fit the casing properly (effectively I'll pull out the original pcb in there and design the new one as a direct swap-in replacement). Once I'm done with that I'll probably post a complete documentation on it. Once that's done, I'll make the LED display separately. Since these controllers can be had for next to nothing now, It should be of use to others aswell. (I bought mine for under 10 EUR) Cheers!
  2. Midibox JOG, a new project

    So... I've been lurking the forums a long time ago, but ultimately didn't have the time to do any of the projects I really wanted... That all changed when a few days ago I got my hands on an older controller that would be an idea candidate for a midi conversion. However apparently they also changed here... as I noticed the redesign left a lot of broken links, which sort of hinders my efforts to dig out the info I'd need. What I bought is a DPS Velocity JOG-4000. ( http://www.softlab-nsk.com/rus/forward/images/dps_jog4000_large.jpg ) It's basically a video editing console for the Velocity system, but it has all the controls I'd like. The goal is to make a simple midi based controller out of it for use with Cubase. The controller has yet to arrive, but from the information I got, I will need the following connections: -22 digital inputs for buttons -? digital inputs for the optical jog wheel -2 (?) analog inputs for the shuttle wheel around the jog wheel -3 digital outputs for the three leds I'd like to base it on the old PIC platform, and design my own circuit board for it (I'm not new to that at least :) So I concluded I'll need the following: 1x core module with PIC 1x 4x DIN module for a max of 32 digital inputs 1x 1x DOUT module for the leds I'm also adding part of the LED/Thru/com module without the serial port, just to see the midi transmissions, and while I'm there the extra 74hc00 for the additional midi out and through ports is also going to be there. This should be fine, however I have a few questions I was unable to find an answer for. Q1: On the mackie controller, there's an LED segment display to show the time or beat the cursor is at. Is it possible to implement this display with an LCD module? If not, how can it be implemented using led displays? I've been thinking of adding this on a slanted panel to the rear end of the controller. Q2: If I decide to go without any kind of LCD, do I need to modify the firmware configuration somehow, or do I simply not install the display? Thanks for the input guys!