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  1. MBCV v2.01 alternative concept

    We've seen the for the time being there aren't any working examples. The LRE8x2 boards are unfortunately not readily available, and there are a few issues with getting components mounted (GLCDs) and at the correct height.    I would like to propose an alternative front panel, here are some rough concepts below. The window size is the previous idea, with the frame representing a smaller PCB.       Some differences: 1. Smaller PCB. This should fit in a 3U case, just like the SEQ v4 2. Illuminated encoders in place of LED rings. Different encoder layout 3. GLCDs mounted above SCS and accessed with the same buttons 4. All DIN(/DOUT) on board. Optional open collector buffers (7407) or other level shifters to allow for higher voltage gate/clock signals.       Illuminated encoders would be something new for MIDIbox. These would consume less power and DOUT pins, and require only one hole per encoder. Metal panels would be an option. I would have to check the illumination and quality before committing to a design. Two methods of controlling them are either special PWM code through a DOUT (about 4 levels per colour) or a dedicated PCA9635 (or other) driver running off the I2C buss (256 levels per colour). TK notes that the update rate would be slower with the second option, although the PWM clock is 1 MHz. Encoder types could be RGB or RG, this is something to discuss.   With a custom PCB we can have a purpose-built front panel, so I welcome proposals for encoder and button layout. People familiar with MBCV should note what the most important/useful functions are and we can go from there.