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  1. OLED shows noisy-output

    Did you check the soldering/flux residue around the pins that control the display?
  2. OLED shows noisy-output

    It could be a dud display injecting bad vibes onto the SPI, it could be a defective chip or flux residue. 
  3. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Also this from Reichelt:  
  4. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    As you noticed, you can't extend ribbon cables this way as you end up "mirroring" the connection. Better would be to use a male IDC such as this:  
  5. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    I didn't want to spoil it!
  6. Maximum number of MID I/O?

    Not enough UARTs for 8 MIDIO. You can expand with I2C (up to 8 output ports, perhaps inputs as well but normally only ins are used).
  7. midiphy SEQ v4+

    There will be Mouser BOMs available but they're still being finalised. Don't worry, Mouser ships very quickly!
  8. Wilba MBSeq V4 Front Panel Spacer Brackets

    Nice idea! How do you plan on attaching the assembly to the panel? Still screws through the acrylic? Or can you weld the spacer to the panel and use a tapping screw thread?
  9. Using a 16x4 BLM, TPD and Aout_NG together

    Hehe, yes you should! I've got a set of blue/green LEDs if you want some. For the 16x4, can you test the parts rather in stages? I.e. see if you can connect the SEQ to the Rx/Tx and check it works, then add the 16x4 then add the TPD. This should be doable by loading _NG and using set debug on in the MIOS Studio terminal.
  10. Using a 16x4 BLM, TPD and Aout_NG together

    As far as I can see, the split wiring is only necessary if you use separate DIN/DOUT modules. As you send/receive the full SRIO it should work with the J2_SI jumper installed and simple IDC10s.
  11. It's really a great little box! We'll order another set of prototype PCBs in the next day or two, then after the SEQ is all sorted we can think about getting the LoopA to a ready state.
  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Also, thanks for the initial feedback on the v1.0 wCore boards. The breakaway option and microMatch headers were incorporated!
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Really nice alternative method, thanks for the effort!
  14. Sammich FM

    Generally quite good soldering but look for example at the resistor joints below the sandwich icon (fourth picture). Some could be cold, i.e. the fillet does not bond to the PTH properly. If the voltages check out, I'd also suggest to install the bankstick ICs and load the default presets. I don't know how the storage works without, plus there may be some inputs left floating. 
  15. Sammich FM

    Difficult to say without any photos (showing soldering quality etc.). Are you using stereo jacks for audio? JPB looks like an alternative power connector. Did you fit the jumpers left of MS1?