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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Adam, Nice work, thanks for investigating! Could you share the exact part that you used? Best, Andy
  2. understanding the .ngc code

    ^Destpane is a variable, not a string. It's likely that there is a character limit on those.
  3. XYZ-IR-Dome Controller (alesis photonX)

    Maybe use an oscilloscope to trace the LED signal? What is it connected to?
  4. Looking for a core module for a Seq V4

    How about ?
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I like the idea @k2z3k0 !
  6. PCB Daughterboard for 20x4 Char LCD

    Nice, thanks for reporting back! Now trim that contrast! 
  7. Orientation of HCT

    Hi Laurent, The part is correctly oriented as pictured, with the "vertical" bar closest to pins 1/16. Bon courage! Andy
  8. Mixed LCD Types CLCD/GLCD

    You'd need to reassign the pins, so use GPIO or a spare SPI for the SSD1206. Look maybe at the MBCV code?  
  9. Orientation of HCT

    Hi Laurent, feel free to post a clear photo/part number and I can check for you. The line should go along pins 1-2-3-4 etc. so the text of the part is readable with the line along the bottom. Best; Andy
  10. multiple Clcd's

    sr_dout_r1= is for 8x matrices sr_dout_r2= is for 16x matrices I suppose you only use 8x8 matrices, thus keep sr_dout_r1 for the second DOUT. Here's how you address one DOUT PCB: sr_dout_r1=1 sr_dout_r1=2 sr_dout_r1=3 sr_dout_r1=4 and here's how you address the next DOUT: sr_dout_r1=5 sr_dout_r1=6 ...
  11. multiple Clcd's

  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Adam, Everything works, unless it doesn't . Yes, you should be able to use a controller keyboard and route the USB MIDI to another port for example. Try here; in essence the hardware is the same, only the FET switch that senses current doesn't feature in the wCore/USB. As noted, there are a few other jumper settings on the 407v breakout. I've read a few things in passing that require a different pull-up or so depending if the device is self-powered or not. Have fun! Andy
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Is the Korg self-powered? Did you jumper the +5V on the Core USB PCB?  I don't have time to investigate at the moment but you may also look into the jumpers on the Waveshare board. Read up on OTG handshakes; it might be that certain pull-ups or other data routines are required. Best, Andy
  14. multiple Clcd's

    Hi,   Tell me about it! Have fun! Andy
  15. multiple Clcd's

    Could be anything from incomplete NGC file, dodgy breadboard or wiring, corrupt SD card (saving often doesn't work well, upload always worked better for me) etc. etc.  Draw a functional map of how it should work and see if you connected the dots properly. Adapt the NGC file to suit your hardware and again just playing with it might help.