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  1. Hello all, have been troubleshooting this for hours, and need your help. Scenario: running PIC18460 Core V3 with 16x2 lcd display, running mios 1.9h  -works- uploading of apps -works- midibox_sid_v1_7303e with 24LC512 bank stick -works- connected SID module -works- tested SIO (Serial Input Output) with "srio_interconnection_test_v2a" -works- activated CS in setup file "setup_8580.asm" build DINX1 on verobaord checked pulldown of all DIN-Pins with multimeter -works- checked serial clock witch oscilloscope -works- uploaded "midio128_v2_2c" pressing connected buttons for sending midi-notes -doesnt work- X connecting serial clock to serial out on DINX1 module (for faking input) gives note and cc messages -works- tested 74HC165 in another device (not MIDIbox) -works- swapped PIC18460 -doesn't work- X checked RC-line (i.e. load pin of 74HC165 = pin1) with oscilloscope in 250ns resolution: line is always 5V -???? X checked for shorts, every permutation -none found- I've checked the connections on the DINx1 dozens of times. It seems to be all good. Question: for a control surface A (4 buttons + 1 encoder, with button, DINX1) with 16x2 lcd, is there anything specific I have to do in the code? It still could be the veroboard build of the dinx1, but i doubt that. See attached pics.   Any help is very appreciated. SB