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  1. Last week I have dug up one of my older projects: for a long time I wanted to create large capacitive touch pad that only uses PCB layout as touch-sensitive components. I chose a PIC24FJ128 because it comes with 50 ADC channels that have hardware-support capacitive measurements so I could create a 2D matrix similar to a Freescale reference design. Note how on one side of the pcb there is no single component so it should fit nicely directly under the hood for many projects. But I assume it's a bit large for some applications. This single-side-placement design lead to only SMD parts being used. Sorry it's not really DIY. In theory the thing should be rather cheap. I'm guessing 10-25€ with the majority being for placement & soldering of the TQFP100. Eventually it will communicate via SPI and should thus be midibox-compatible but it should also be usable as a standalone USB device and either be a mouse or a midi controller that sends CC messages directly to your DAW. We'll see about what can be done. I'm thinking in some cases even multi-touch may be possible but I'll have to experiment with the algorithms here. My plan was to start designing the finger tracking algorithms on the PC. For this I was hoping to intially have the ADC data transmitted over USB in real time to my PC application where I could prototype algorithms. So this would be yet a third USB device type I need in the beginning but which will not be available after development has finished. About 3 years ago it turned out developing a USB stack for a PIC µC with the tools available back then is a real pain. It lead to me dropping the project. I don't have much more time these days but maybe someone is interested in a collaboration? Or maybe you guys know if the tools are better today? Is there anyone out there who would have an easy time developing µC C code for the USB stacks I mentioned? I'm currently based in Munich, Germany but this is not a must! Furthermore, would anybody be interested in actually having some of these (given I/we manage to get to a stable version that can be released) ?
  2. Awesome OLED!!

    The thing stopping me from making a MIDIbox Logic Control has always been the lack of suitable commercially available displays.  Has anybody ever considered trying the MacBook Pro touch bar?  It's a 2170x60 colour graphical OLED, and it can be bought for around 30 dollars. Maybe it would be perfect for a scribble strip for 8 faders. I have no idea if data is available for this though....  
  3. MIDI et écran tactile

    Bonjour,   Je me présente, je suis Nicolás, guitariste acoustique et passionné par les possibilités du MIDI depuis mon plus jeune age, même si j'ai découvert plus tard que je ne pouvais pas brancher mon joystick sur le synthétiseur de papa :)   Je me pose actuellement quelques questions concernant la gestion d'appareils midi depuis un écran tactile, et j'aurai besoin de quelques renseignements pour aller plus de l'avant:   Etant donné que je me dépatouille plutot en Macromedia Flash: où trouver de la doc pour communiquer via midi? Comme je suis nase en éléctronique: comment adapter les modules proposés par le fantastique site de uCApps pour pouvoir leur intégrer une interface tactile? Genre un convertisseur de potentiomètre virtuel en valeurs physiques... points suivants à venir, n'ésitez pas à participer...   Voila, merci de vos réponses et de vos suggestions. A très bientôt!   Nicolás  
  4. MIDI & Touchscreen

    Hy! My name is Nicolas, and I'll try to translate an already posted message in french. Im passionated on MIDI technologies since I was a little boy, even if I understood later that i could'nt connect my joystick to dads minimoog ;) Now Im looking to develop a touchscreen interface to manage different hardware equipments, so I need some peace of information to go forward on this: As Im rather good on Macromedia Flash: where do you think I can find information on how to communicate via MIDI protocols? But I'm a really bad electronician: so how can i find info on to integrate to fantastic uCApps interfaces touch screen capabilities? next points to come. Thank you for your comments! See you very soon, Nicolas *