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  1. New Seq V4 Project incl. 16x4 BLM

    Hi to all   I am planning a sequencer to control both my normal synths and my analog modular system.   Now that I've read some tons of documentation I wanted to ask for help, cause maybe I overlooked something or had other stuff not in mind   first to my normal workflow : I work live and looped-based .. for me these are the two most important features ... none of my songs has several patterns or even a song arrangement ... everything goes via the tracks mute / unmute .. and of course I want my panel to be optimized for that   If you look at the front panel attached I came up with the following stuff: It should be based on MBHP_CORE_STM32F4DISCOVER  2 Midi IO Modules to get 4 Midi IN and OUT  1 Quad IIC Midi Module for another 4 Midi Outs at least one .. maybe two AOUT_NG Module for up to 16 CV (powered by an external power source +12/-12/5) and a lot of DIN and DOUT (still have to calculate those)   Question: how I take care of actually STM32F4DISCOVERY with current ?? Is this only via USB ??  The AOUT is powered by an external +12 / 12V / 5V PSU, can I connect the Board to that?? .. I read somewhere tet the STM32F4 is powered from 7V ??   the 16x4 BLM documentary says that I should use LEDs DUOCOLOR (so  need three DOUT modules for the cathode and two anodes) ...  Question: do I need dual-color LEDs at the GP LEDs too?? or is that obsolte then ??  Question 2: the documentary says I only need 2 more Shift Register for the button matrix ... how do I connect them ??    Gate Question: I need 5V Gates, so I should pass the gates through some 74HC541 .. I have seen a connection diagram somewhere but can't find it anymore :(   Below you can see the panel layout ...  Question: Do I still need the track button-row 1-4 or is thiat obsolete if I use the 16x4 BLM Matrix??    Suggestions welcome.    love and light from Belgium, Sascha