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  1. Hi   I was looking for a straight up BOM for the +/- 12v PSU for the AOUT board, but i can't seem to find any, so i am trying to gather the components for myself based on the center-tap transformer mode   I was thinking this setup: Transformer:  Rectifier: 7812 and 7912 (pos/neg 12v)   But the caps i am a little confused about - in the guide it says a general rule is 470 uF per 0.1 ampere - the transformer will provide 2x167mA - Meaning something lik 2x470uF on both sides, so around 1000 uF caps - and here i need 1 electrolytic and 1 cheramic for pos and neg side before and after the 7812/7912 - correct? To sum it up: 4 x   and then 4 x cheramic/film non-polarity? I can't find any on reichelt with the right specs, they are all in pF which seems like to little (    Hope it makes sense - i am just a little confused with the cap values actually?    Thanks!    :smile: