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  1. Midibox64E right for me?

    Hey. I am a begginer to Midibox, although I have just finished a home study course in basic Electronics. I am planned to make my first Midibox Midi Control Surface soon and would appreciate some help choosing the correct version of MIDIbox for my project.   The control surface that I plan to make will be used to opertate a plug in in a DAW and has the following requirements:   21 endless encoders 14 toggle buttons 42 LED (with some of the LEDs being mulit colored)   Some of the LED's will work in conjunction with the toggle buttons, i.e. when a specified toggle button 1 is on, then LED A will turn RED. When Toggle Button 1 and 2 are both on, then LED A will turn yellow. etc. (although this isn't the exact set up). Some of the LEDs will be used as an audio meter taking its settings from the DAW.   Is Midibox64E right for me? Please help. Thanks