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  1. Hello guys! Finally I reached my hands to try to fix jumping behavior of non-detented encoders on my MB-6582. Wilba says that only one (menu) encoder has to be left detented in his CS construction guide. I'm curious then why ALL 15 encoders are assigned as MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED3 in setup_mb6582.asm by default ? Were MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED* modes designed only for detented encoders? As for my non-detented ALPHA encoders MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED works best. However, not perfect (it's more noticeable on large range values like cutoff): even if I move encoder very slowly, sometimes value gets rapidly advanced by ~10 (jumps a little forward). And sometimes even it jump backward, but not so often at least (like MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED3 mode does). By "forward" I mean sporadic acceleration, and by "backward" I mean direction opposite to direction in which I turn the knob. So, I've checked all the modes and MIOS_ENC_MODE_NON_DETENTED seems to be the most close to perfect. I've tried also another encoder. It is almost like my ALPHA, however without "ALPHA" logo on it's bottom and contacts are white instead of yellow. Metal tongue inside is also white, not yellow. I've made it non-detented also. I must admit, this encoder does not jump backwards in MIOS_ENC_MODE_DETENTED3 mode. Almost :-) It jumped to ~30 (of 256 range) back only once. I slowly moved it back and forth during 10 minutes - the feel is very symmetrical and uniform compared to original ALPHA, however, not as smooth and still a little "clicky" (may be I didn't remove detent perfectly). So, if I want to set a precise value - it feels a little rough and non linear compared to original ALPHA, but in large scope (when I turn encoder faster) - it works in polite and predicted manner. Please, let me know what do you think
  2. Encoders vs Pots

    Hello. I am new here and thinking of starting a little project of building my own custom MIDI controller. One of the first questionsI came across was if I should use encoders or potentiometers for knobs? In which cases should I use one or the other. What are the advantages of which one? Thank you in advance
  3. MBCV v2.01 alternative concept

    We've seen the for the time being there aren't any working examples. The LRE8x2 boards are unfortunately not readily available, and there are a few issues with getting components mounted (GLCDs) and at the correct height.    I would like to propose an alternative front panel, here are some rough concepts below. The window size is the previous idea, with the frame representing a smaller PCB.       Some differences: 1. Smaller PCB. This should fit in a 3U case, just like the SEQ v4 2. Illuminated encoders in place of LED rings. Different encoder layout 3. GLCDs mounted above SCS and accessed with the same buttons 4. All DIN(/DOUT) on board. Optional open collector buffers (7407) or other level shifters to allow for higher voltage gate/clock signals.       Illuminated encoders would be something new for MIDIbox. These would consume less power and DOUT pins, and require only one hole per encoder. Metal panels would be an option. I would have to check the illumination and quality before committing to a design. Two methods of controlling them are either special PWM code through a DOUT (about 4 levels per colour) or a dedicated PCA9635 (or other) driver running off the I2C buss (256 levels per colour). TK notes that the update rate would be slower with the second option, although the PWM clock is 1 MHz. Encoder types could be RGB or RG, this is something to discuss.   With a custom PCB we can have a purpose-built front panel, so I welcome proposals for encoder and button layout. People familiar with MBCV should note what the most important/useful functions are and we can go from there.
  4. awesome parts for midibox

    any body ever heard of this place awesome parts, looks like a lot of things i would like to use on midibox!!!!!
  5. Knobs for Encoders

    I have had the hardest time finding knobs for the Bourns PEC-11 Rotary Encoders. Does anybody have any suggestions?   Thanks, Harry Patterson